NFL Preseason Week 1 Recap

NFL Preseason Recap of Friday’s action

New York Jets 17- Detroit Lions 26

The Jets looked like they didn’t have any type of rhythm through out the game. Mark Sanchez, who has been under tight evaluation with the starting position had threw yet another interception which was returned for a touchdown. Despite the one interception Sanchez had a pretty solid night; He was 10 for 13, threw for 125, and threw for a touchdown.

Mathew Stafford

Geno Smith was very accurate in his debut. He went 6 for 7 for 45 yards, but had left the game with an ankle injury. Who would have known that the Jets would be once again in the spotlight with injuries stacking up before their season opener. The Jet’s Achilles heel has been their lack of staying healthy throughout the season. Hopefully everybody that has been injured recently returns to their full potential at the start of the regular season.

What more can you say about the Lions? From the start of the game, they had set the tone. The interception that turned into points was a game changer; despite Mathew Stafford going 3 for 8 the Lion’s defense was relentless, and pushed the Jet’s offense off the field! Shaun Hill who is the back up behind Stafford was very accurate. He went 11 of 18 for 136 and a touchdown!

Week 2,the Jets will play the Jacksonville Jaguars, while the Lions will play the Cleveland Browns.

Miami Dolphins 27-Jacksonville Jaguars 3

Was this even a game? The Dolphins took their anger out on Jacksonville. Ryan Tannehill looked very comfortable in the pocket. He had delivered a touchdown pass to Dustin Keller, and was 5 of 9 for 75 yards. The defense held up their bargain of the deal by stopping whatever offense the Jaguars were trying to run. After the lost last week to the Cowboys, it looks like Tannehill and the coaching staff was on the same page. If the Dolphins can be consistent like they were this week, they will have a chance to stir up some noise in the playoff chase!

What happen Jacksonville? The Jaguars looked like they were lost in a nightmare. Everything bad that could happen, happened. Blaine Gabbert was 5 of 10 for 19 yards! 19 yards, really! That was not even the worst part, the team was not performing as one. It seemed like the pressure of staying competitive was getting to everybody. Blaine needed to step up to the plate, and show that he can lead. This team has a lot of talent, but what good is talent if everybody is focused on self.  The Jaguars turned the ball over 4 times.

Week 2,the Jaguars will face the New York Jets, while the Dolphins will face the Houston Texans

Philadelphia Eagles 22- New England Patriots  31

Tom Brady
Tom Brady

This game was exciting from the start; Michael Vick threw 4 of 5 passes for 95 yards, and connected with DeSean Jackson on a pretty pass for a touchdown. Nick Foles who had lost a fumble on his first snap bounced back  and went 5 of 6 for 43 yards. Both of these quarterbacks are fighting for the starting position. It was really hard to judge who had stood out the most. The Eagles looked very sharp on the offensive side of the ball, but on the defensive side of the field there were several mistakes. The Pats were literally using smash mouth football towards the Eagles defensive line. They were missing tackles, which opened a lot of holes for the Pats running back. Mistake after mistake cost the Eagles the game!

The Pats looked unstoppable. Tom Brady walked his team to 2 80 yard drives, and just played with the Eagles secondary. Tim Tebow was just Tim Tebow! He was 4 of 12 for 45 yards, and ran for 30 yards. The Pats secondary did its job, secured a win, and did it in dominating fashion.

Week 2, the Eagles will face the Carolina Panthers, while New England will play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Chicago Bears 17- Carolina Panthers 24

This was a great start for both of these teams. Last season the Panthers struggled to find some way to score, but it looks like they have found a solution. Cam Newton went 3 of 6 for 16 yards. Carolina’s defense was very stingy with yards after catch. The Panthers looked very relaxed, and focused. If they can bring the energy that they played with today, we are bound to see the Panthers take their respective division.

Defense is what the Bears are known for; last year they were first in take-aways . In this game, they had caused three different turnovers, and turned them into points. Jay Cutler was 6 of 8 for 45 yards after a costly miscommunication. The Bears looked like the old defensive line. Many concerns at the beginning of the season were,how fluent the defense would be without different players in the mix up. The only concern that the Bears will face will be the lack of commitment to the passing game. They have some great coaches, and a very good system in store!

Week 2, the Bears will face the San Diego Chargers, while the Panthers will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Arizona Cardinals 17- Green Bay Packers 0

Aaron Rodgers

The Cardinals came out to play, for the first time since 1987 the Packers were shut out in a preseason game. Aaron Rodgers one threw one pass, and that was a 40 yard gain. Vince Young showed flashes of his days in Texas, but even coach Mike McCarthy had said,” ( that he) didn’t feel like the energy was there.” McCarthy was not happy about the way the Packers played. They looked helpless at every attempt to maintain some type of dignity to even get in the red zone. The Packers have had issues on the defensive end with stopping running backs before they get to the secondary. McCarthy will have his work cut out for him this week.

Arizona came out of the gate with a burst of lighting! They had literally stomped the Packers out on the field. Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton each shared a touchdown throw against a secondary that couldn’t contain any top leverage. The Cardinals looked very disciplined, and really had dismantled a defense that have the potential of becoming a top ten defense this season!

Week 2 the Cardinals will play the Dallas Cowboys, while the Packers play the Saint Louis Rams.

Houston Texans 27- Minnesota Vikings 13

cordarelle patterson
Cordarelle Patterson

The Texans have been a monster on the field in the past three years, now they look to find a way to get over the hump this season. In this game, the defense attacked the Vikings offense. They pressured and challenged each one of the Viking’s receivers. DeAndre Hopkins caught a beautiful touchdown pass for 34 yards. Matt Schaub went 5 for 5 for 35 yards. It was just an average game for Schaub, who is a top ten Quarterback. The defense and offense were clicking on both sides of the field.

The Viking’s MVP of the game was Cordarelle Patterson. The rookie wowed the fans with a speed, and the way he can break tackles. If this continues Patterson is set to have an outstanding year. The Vikings needs to find a pure receiver that can help Ponder and A.P. out this year. There were tremendous mistakes that led to great field position.





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