NFL Preseason: Week 1 Game Reviews

Thursday NFL Preseason slate -

Ravens 44- Tampa Bay 16

The Super Bowl champs started this preseason with an aggressive statement. Joe Flacco made some on top of the mark passes. He was 7/9 and had one interception. Their defense was not willing to let down anybody from last year. They forced 4 turnovers that resulted in points. Coach Harbaugh stated,” that he needed to find out where his team need to be.” As well as know the Ravens look a little different from last year.

Their defense looks a little older, while their depth in the receiving core is impressive.  Back up quarterback Tyrod Taylor threw a pair of touchdown passes. The Ravens look like they are ready for the season.

However Tampa Bay looked very out of sync! They had no answer to the Ravens offense, and at times looked like they were walking zombies. Josh Freeman only completed 4-7 for 35 yards. Rookie Mike Glennon led the Bucs to two scores before costly turnovers. This game would have been close if it wasn’t for the defensive turnovers.

Next week the Bucs will face the Pats, while the Ravens play the Falcons

Bengals 34- Falcons 10

What can we say here, the Bengals took charge from the start of the snap. Josh Johnson led a series of two touchdowns, while running back Giovani Bernard rushed to the end zone. Johnson threw for a hundred yards. While this offense looks very impressive, the Bengals defense looked hungry. They stopped any attack the Falcons were trying to come up with. This defense set the tone of the game throughout each series.

The Falcons looked like they just woke up from a nightmare. They couldn’t get Steven Jackson to the second level. Jackson struggled throughout the game with getting yards. Matt Ryan was 3 -3 and was very accurate throughout his playing time. Dominique Davis showed that he had some serious vision when he came in to play. He led the Falcons for two scores , but the issue on the offensive line is very concerning. Jackson’s longest gain was only 4 years. Coach Mike Smith stated that it was “too early to look for holes in the offensive line.”

The upcoming games for both of these teams will be the Falcons playing at Baltimore and the Bengals hosting the Titans.

Rams 19- Browns 27

This game was very intense!  Brandon Weeden made some remarkable passes today. He has impressed his coaches, and answered any questions that have been asked. Weeden’s passes were on mark and on target. He went 5 for 8 , and showed many fans that he still has an arm. The Brown’s defense was just selfish, and very relentless. Every play the defense had an answer. They were very quick to get to the defender, and stopped the Rams from making any progress down the field.

The Rams were off to a good start; Sam Bradford went 3 for 3, and threw for a 3 yard touch down. Bradford was a little upset that they turned the ball over in a scoring position. Turnovers have plagued this team for some time. They have the right coach and the right type of players to find a solution for these issues.

Next week the Rams will host the Packers, while the Browns face the Lions.

Redskins 22- Titans 21

Even in preseason both of these teams looked very impressive. There was no RG3 in this scripture, but there was a face that many recognize as a great back up for the Redskins. Kirk Cousins impressed the world with his ability to deliver out of the pocket. Kirk is known for his scrambling ability, but to watch him stand in the pocket, and deliver on time throws was amazing. This game went back, and forth until the Redskin’s defense had to make a stop. Cousins was just incredible, and picked up where he left off at!

On the other side of the ball, the Titans answered all the question surrounding Chris Johnson. Johnson had scored on a 58 yard sprint, and showed us that he still have that 4.3 speed in him. Jake Locker went 7 for 11 and has improved with his awareness. Despite the lost, the Titans have filled some holes in defensively, and at times slowed down the Redskin’s offense.

Next week the Redskins will play the Steelers, and the Titans will play the Bengals.

Broncos 10-49ers 6

Who would have known that this game was going to be an offense struggle? Both teams arrived with an impressive resume last season., and somehow it did not show in this game.

On the Broncos side, you had many possible opportunities that were missed. Brock Osweiler went 13 for 18 for a 105. His impressive debut was out played by the many mistakes and turnovers they had. It was many miscommunications, and too many mistakes that you see in preseason. As we all know John Elway will not stand for failure! This team has the talent, they just need to take care of the ball.

The 49ers still look like they were coming of that Super Bowl lost. The defense looked like they were winded, and the offense just was plain out of sync. Colin Kaepernick went 2 out of 4 on his first and last series of the night.  Defensively they did a great job stopping the Broncos offense. The 49ers will get out of their slump, and will start lighting up the season. Just give it some time!

Next week the 49ers will be playing the Chiefs, while the Broncos get ready for the Seahawks!

Seahawks 31- Chargers 10

The Seahawks are picking up where they left off last season with their explosive attack. Russell Wilson threw for 25 yards and scrambled for 9. Now while we know what this quarterback can do; there is a battle for the back up position. Brady Quinn and Tarvaris Jackson are battling for the second string position, and both players put up a touchdown. There is nothing more for us to say about this team except Pete Carroll knows how to run a team.

The Chargers looked like the Seahawks stole their composure! They had no answer to the spread offense, nor did they have any type of consistency in third down situations. Charlie Whitehurst turned the ball over twice. The good thing about preseason is a fresh start, and that is what the Chargers needed! They have a fresh new coach, and a system that they need to adjust to. Their offense will be explosive, and have that chemistry that each of these teams need. Give them time, and  they will produce good numbers!

Next week the Seahawks will play the Broncos, while the Chargers will play the Bears!



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