Roundtable Discussion: A Former NFL Player Talks About How To Stop #Domestic Violence Now

Leading Experts and Advocates Share Insights and Real Solutions that Are Having an Impact in Stopping Abuse

In the first few weeks of the NFL season, much of the spotlight has turned to the incidents of domestic abuse involving Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Ray McDonald, Adrian Peterson, and Jonathan Dwyer, and how the league has responded to and adjudicated their cases.

The news cycle involving these incidents has put domestic violence, including spousal and child abuse, into the national spotlight for the first time since the Jerry Sandusky scandal at Penn State. The question now is how the NFL’s association with the newest discussion around domestic violence can be leveraged to  help take meaningful action that will put and end to domestic violence.

Melissa Mahler, Andrew Willis Barry Goldstein

Melissa Mahler of Pro Player Insiders hosted a roundtable discussion to talk about domestic abuse, how the league and commissioner Roger Goodell have handled the domestic violence cases, the Quincy Solution and what the league, players and all of us can do to help stop abuse.

The panel featured Andrew Willis, CEO and Co-Founder of the Stop Abuse Campaign and child abuse survivor; Al Chesley, former NFL player and child sexual abuse advocate and a child abuse survivor; Barry Goldstein, author of the Quincy Solution: Stop Domestic Abuse and save $500 Billion; and Melanie Blow, a New York leader with the Stop Abuse Campaign.


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