NFL Hopeful Marcus Robinson an “All Around Player”

As many of the NFL elite are preparing for the Pro Bowl this Sunday, one NFL hopeful, University of Miami’s Marcus Robinson, will be watching with a new insight.  Robinson participated in the NFLPA AstroTurf Collegiate Bowl the past weekend in Los Angeles. The 6’1” 255 –pound Robinson is known for his size and speed; His versatility allowed him the opportunity to play both defensive line and defensive end during his collegiate career.  During his senior year, Robinson led the team and recorded career-high of five sacks. He was also second in tackles for loss (7.5).  The American Team player spoke with Pro Player Insiders on his time in Los Angeles, California.

PPI: How does it feel to be here in Los Angeles participating in the first- ever NFLPA Bowl Game?

M.R.: I’m enjoying the atmosphere and the pre-NFL experience. The coaches have been grooming us the way they would an NFL team. We [bowl participants] are here to learn from them so that making the transition to the NFL, a less difficult one.

PPI: What has been your most memorable experience this week?

M.R.: Mike Epps at our dinner [Thursday]. He did a stand-up show during our dinner.

PPI: What sets you apart from other NFL prospects entering the 2012 draft?

M.R.: I am me. I am a totally different person from the every other player out here. I am an all- around player; I am not just a certain type of player, I am all over the place.”

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