Fantasy Food: NFL Sausage Week

I get asked a lot of questions in my business when it comes to food. Especially this time of year, the weather is starting to get a little chill in the air the leaves are falling off the trees, and its week six in the NFL. One of the most amazing things is that the Browns are a totally legit team, Johnny Benchwarmer, was supposed to be the starting QB of the Browns by now. This Steeler fan kinda wishes he was. This is the week I normally think all the dust is rattled off and we can get a good look at every team and know who they are for real.

Back to my questions I get, (sorry I got a little carried away.) I get asked a lot about how to cook sausage, or more specifically how do I cook sausage, Well it’s the perfect time of year, to discuss sausage cooking techniques! Watch this video and see just how I make the “men of steel sausage”.

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