NFL Experience proving to be popular attraction

Fan festivities and events are popping in Houston. The NFL Experience, an annual celebration, is attracting thousands to the George R. Brown Convention Center. The event is described as “pro football’s interactive theme park.”

Lines were long but fans were patient. The most exciting attractions were the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the autograph stage and the showcasing of past Super Bowl rings. With just a regular admission ticket, all fans could participate in the popular combine games. The FedEx Air and Ground Challenge were huge hits, while lines were as far as could be for the NFL Extra Points Kick Issued by Barclaycard.

The NFL Experience offers fans from all around the country a chance to come together and live life as an NFL player. While Houston Texans jerseys dominated the convention center ballroom, there were quite a few out of town fans.

“I’m from California,” Alex Job, a San Francisco 49ers fan said. “I’m going to the Super Bowl with all my guys. We didn’t even know about this event, so it’s been great. We got to kick and pass and grab some autographs.”

New England Patriots’ and Atlanta Falcons’ fans were out in full force, as well. The two teams playing for a Super Bowl title on Sunday seem to have full support from their fan bases. Multiple NFL Network Films’ played throughout the convention center, honoring the Pats’ dynasty run.

“We are so excited to be here and actually see all of these things up close and in person,” Roberta Lowender, a New England native said. “We’ve always wanted to make it out to a Super Bowl, and we figured we should do it before the run is up.”

Not included in the NFL Experience, but also being held at the convention center is Radio Row. The top shows from around the nation all meet on one floor to broadcast hours’ worth of entertainment. ESPN has booths for Rusillo and Kannell and The Dan Le Betard Show.

The Houston Super Bowl Committee has done a great job for the entire week, but the Fan Experience may really take the cake. Making it family-friendly and appealing to all ages, there isn’t a better way to spend your afternoon.

The NFL Experience will run through Super Bowl Sunday. Tickets start at $35 for adults and $25 for children under the age 12. For $55, fans can purchase the NFLXtra Pass, a fast pass and priority ticket for all the attractions inside.

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