NFL Draft Profile: Oregon’s Dion Jordan

Oregon has a reputation of winning at the collegiate level. One of the big reasons for that has been talented prospects like Dion Jordan.

Despite the success at Oregon in recent years, you would have to go back to 2002 to find the last former-Duck to be taken in the top 10. That’s when Joey Harrington was selected by the Detroit Lions to be their quarterback of the future.

Jordan certainly has the potential to be a draft bust like Harrington, but his combination of size, 6-foot-6 243-pounds, and athleticism make him appear to be more of an NBA small forward prospect than a linebacker. In the NFL, guys with basketball-type frames have had success; see Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.

So why should teams take a chance on the athletic Jordan?

“Teams that take a chance on me are going to get a hard worker and a guy who wants it a lot,” said Jordan. “I am a person that is motivated to be the best and will work hard to be the best. I wasn’t playing at 100% at all times in college, but I am healed up now and ready to work hard in the NFL.”

Jordan is a freak athlete and it shows. If teams are able to bypass his aggravated shoulder that he suffered last season, they could be getting a future player like 49er’s defender Aldon Smith. He has certainly been busy proving to NFL talent evaluators that he can be a difference-maker to their roster.

So what exactly had Jordan been doing when he is not in workouts or off-season meetings?

“I’ve been doing a lot of interviews,” he said with a smile. “ I had a little time to hang out with my family yesterday and eat lunch/dinner, other than that though, I’m just trying to find time to relax from being anxious about the Draft.”

With former head coach Chip Kelly moving to Philly, I asked Jordan if he would like to re-unite with the college coach that put him on the map.

“I’ll be excited wherever I go, said Jordan. “Whatever system or coach I have, I feel like I can do well and feel blessed to have the opportunity…I’m just excited to be drafted.”

Jordan is a sure-fire top 10 pick for Thursday’s draft. It is entirely likely that Jordan could be drafted by Chip Kelly when the Eagles pick at four, though many fans would tell you that they could use a cornerback to replace the failed “Dream Team” experience from the Andy Reid regime. Though Jordan is not a defensive back, he has the potential to be just as big of a standout for the Eagles should they decide he’s a good fit.

Plus, we already know he looks good in green.

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