NFL Divisional Round Means Pork Products And BEER

Wild card weekend is behind us, and it was well, as expected. After Ray Lewis announced his retirement, I don’t think any of us gave Indy a chance. At least in my little world. As fun as we all may have had Sunday just remember the four best teams did not play. You know who did play? The Green Bay Packers, I know I almost forgot too, that game was well…, it was on TV. :)

Manning, Brady they are great there is no doubt but when it comes to food there can only be one team to relate to food this weekend, The Green Bay Packers!

As a tribute to the Packers this week I want to talk Sausage! The preparation method that I like to use is really simple, I think people honestly over-think cooking sausage. Early humans made the first sausages by stuffing roasted intestines into stomachs. I know that’s gross…. but my point is how we have gone from that to having to do nine hundred different things to sausages to make it a special way.

Its sausage, Its delicious! Lets just make awesomeness!

You can add onions to this but I don’t because of dietary issues some may have, but if you want do it! Just add them when you add the peppers. There is no right or wrong here its just food!


Sausages (you can use whatever you like here italian, brats, chorizo)

peppers (I figure half a pepper per sausage)

Beer (this is key, try to stay away from highly hopped beers the bitterness can be a little overwhelming)

oil 1 tsp

dijon mustard for dipping

nice bread if you prefer a sandwich



saute pan with a lid





a good knife

*Remember you can always watch me make this dish using the video on this page. *

We can cook this together just not in real time the video has been edited but if your really fast…

1.WASH YOUR HANDS!!! we are making food so we need to be clean, I am not sure where your hands have been so CLEAN THEM!

2.Julienne your peppers and be sure to cut the white part out it does not taste good in food. Oh yeah don’t cut yourself either, I am not responsible for any medical damages nor is

3.Now get you pan and oil nice an hot in the burner/campfire/manly pile of leaves and brush that you set ablaze in the yard. Once you see small whisps of smoke at your sausage we want to brown them on all sides.

4.Add your peppers and cook them together for a few minutes, then add your beer 12-16 oz should be enough, we want to cover the food in the pan with beer so if you need more my guess is you probably have more than one beer around so add it.

5.Cover the pan and let them simmer on low heat for about 30 min or so, When its game time you can pile some on a plate for folks or pile them into a piece of bread either way its going to be great I promise!

That is what is up guys! Even if there is division at your house on teams for divisional weekend sausage and beer will always bring peace. (bad joke with the division thing I know sorry)

Talk to you next week.

Stay Hungry

Chef Plum

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