NFL Combine Running Backs & Offensive Linemen


Its the 2018 NFL Combine and the athletes were ready for their close ups. The up and coming draft prospects gave us a little knowledge of where their heads are at for the combine and how they are going to tackle the obstacles head on. When it came to Saquon Barkley from Penn State he went straight to tell us what his strengths are. Barkley said he is a versatile player, he can run the ball, run in between tackles, outside tackles, catch the ball through the back field, pass block, and even play some special teams. Barkley feels that those strengths are something he tries to grow with his game to continue to become a complete player.

He also said if any team wants to draft him and bless him with an opportunity to play for their franchise, is a blessing to him. “You grow up as a little kid dreaming to play in the NFL and you have an opportunity and the teams going to pick you so if it’s the browns, if it’s the giants, wherever I get drafted I’m going to come in with my head low and ready to work.”

Right now Barkley is focused on dominating this Combine getting to know the guys, pushing himself, pushing the guys he is working out with and trying to get better.


When talking to Georgia NCAA Football Champion Nick Chubb, he kept it straight to the point. Chubb stated that he is pretty well balanced, pretty athletic, he can jump high, he can run pretty fast, and catch the ball well. In all Chubb is ready to take on this Combine full throttle.


LSU running back Derrius Guice had a very happy spirit coming into the NFL Combine. He was very upbeat and proud to talk about how he feels about the Combine. Guice mentioned that he’s not sure what his strengths are and that he will leave it up to the media and audience to decide.

He has also been in touch with Leonard Fournette who was a running back for LSU an also a 2017 NFL draft prospect who was selected first round to the Jaguars. Fournette was able to give some advice to Guice, he told him the main focus for the combine should be resting.

While Guice is getting ready for the interviews with the NFL coaches, his main message that he wants to get through to them is “If you don’t draft me I’m going to give your defense hell.”


Offensive linemen Brandon Parker is an underdog from an HBCU called North Carolina A&T. Pro Player Insiders was able to ask him, what is it like to come to the NFL Combine with the lack of recognition HBCUs receives when it comes to sports. He said “I can’t even describe how good it feels, not only do you feel the back of A&T nation but you also feel other HBCUs.” Parker went on to say that he is looking forward to putting up the best numbers he can at the combine. He was really disappointed that he couldn’t bench on Thursday because of his sickness but he can’t wait to get out and compete on Friday.

Photographer: Michael Johnson

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