NFL Combine Defensive Ends Takeover

Bradly Chubb

Defensive End Bradley Chubb from North Carolina State held nothing back at the 2018 Combine when stating that he is the best player in the draft. Chubb comes from an athletic family; his older brother Brandon Chubb is a currently playing for the Detroit Lions as a Linebacker. The main thing Chubb wants to show at the Combine is his athleticism, how everything on tape is actually how he really is, and his strength. Chubb feels like his interviews with the NFL coaches have been going very well. Chubb has already had a couple of informal interviews with the Indianapolis Colts and has his first formal interview with them on Saturday, March 3, 2018. When Chubb was speaking at the podium he mentioned that a lot of people have been saying he might go to the colts and his response to that was “you never know and if that happens I’ll be happy of course to get drafted to such a great city, I’m just looking forward to it.” Chubb is a high motor, high energy and passionate player. He is always going to go after that Quarterback or whoever has the ball in their hands.

Marcus Davenport


University of Texas at San Antonio has a Defensive End at the NFL combine, Marcus Davenport. When Davenport first started playing collegiate football he realized early on he would need to gain weight. Since being in college Davenport has put on 60 to 70 pounds, he said he started eating more along with changing his diet, which helped pack on more weight. Davenport stopped eating fried food, and cut out sweets completely. When it comes to the NFL Davenport just wants to play, he knows that the best part of his game is explosion. He stated over the years his strength helped him guard players better. When he first started playing football he was too light but he was able to finesse with his speed. Towards the end of Davenports interview he revealed a secret that he used to chase and catch rabbits for fun as a kid when living in Nebraska. He said he was always energized and loved to run, so when he saw rabbits he would chase them but has only caught one.

Harold Landry

Harold Landry stepped on the podium at the Combine with confidence, he was not afraid to say that he was the best pass rusher in the draft. Landry also told us the reason why he is the best; “Nobody in this class has a first step like mine, bend like mine, and the ability to burst through the quarterback around the corner.” Landry doesn’t think he is perfect because he has plenty of things he can improve on in his game.

Arden Key

Defensive End Arden Key from Louisiana State is ready for the coaches interviews, he would like to tell them “That I went through adversity, I made mistakes and bad decisions, but past that I’m the best pass rusher in the class, I can rush the pass, I can run block, I’m coachable, I’m a peoples person, loving caring guy, I got a good smile. Key doesn’t feel like this process has been challenging, you just need to go into the interviews and be you. If they like you for who you are they are going to pick you up. Key says his films speak for itself even though he had a bad year. Towards the end of the interview Key added that he would be running the forty at Pro Day on April 4th.

Photographer: Michael Johnson


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