New System for the Philadelphia Eagles

This is a new year and new system that the Philadelphia Eagles have to get used to. Over a decade most fans and players were accustomed to the west coast type of style that Andy Reed installed in the Eagles playbook, but this year with a new head coach, the Eagles bring more of an up tempo type of style.

chip kelly
Chip Kelly, Eagles head coach

To those who doesn’t understand Chip Kelly’s mindset, lets take them back to where Kelly first was really noticed as a coach that will roll the dice. Kelly likes to spread his offense and does not heistate when taking shots down the field. That is the type of coach that the Eagles needed.

The Eagles have very elusive players that can make one big play and changes how the defensive coordinator defends them. A healthy Michael Vick is hard to contain, so with Kelly becoming the head coach the sky is the limit for the Eagles. The Eagles aquired a lot of new players that can help this organization.

Hard work and dedication is what Kelly preaches about. His knowledge and the way he goes about getting the players attention is astonishing. Immediately after Chip was named head coach, he proceeded to make changes on both sides of the ball.

The players respect him and have been adapting to the changes that Chip has all ready made. All around the league everybody finds Kelly’s practices fun and exciting to watch. From the moment that the players hit the field, to the time that are finished, it is none stop running.

These practices will help out the Eagles in the near future. The Eagles  two minute offense will improve tremendously and that will be very big factor when opponents face them. The Eagles are young, talented, and filled with speed, so why not utalized them to their full potential.

This season should be very exciting; while Chip have some big shoes to be filled, so does the Eagles expectations. Getting Chip to come to the Eagles was the easy part. The pieces magically fit together, but now its time for the Eagles to get over the hump and make some noise.

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