Beware Of The New England Patriots Defense

The New England Patriots are known for a few things. One of them is not looked upon well, as they have been viewed as cheaters from many that dislike them. Of course, with anything the Patriots do, there is some scrutiny to go along with it, but also what cannot be denied is the success the Patriots have had in the last two decades. The Patriots have won five titles over that time, some being favored to win it all and others with them as the underdog. They have done unconventional things such as line wide receiver Troy Brown up at defensive back and even gone for first downs deep in their own territory over that time. There has been the prevailing factor of Tom Brady mentioned, but there has been no talk of the defense at all.

Early in the season, the Patriots defense was getting some attention, albeit for some of the wrong reasons. The defense had given up over 30 points in three of the first four games. The offense was able to save them in two of those three high-scoring affairs, but not in all of them. There seemed to be a growing concern around the NFL as to how possible it would be that this team’s defense would be able to be a Super Bowl defense. They were not able to get to the quarterback and it seemed offenses were doing whatever they wanted to do to them.

Then, as if a switch got turned on, the Patriots defense began to get it together and play well. The defense only gave up twenty points or more two times since Week 5 and only once in the playoffs (Jaguars got 20 points in the AFC Title game). For the Patriots defense, none of the noise was heard by them at all.

“We don’t really pay any mind to it,” said Patriots defensive tackle Malcolm Brown. “We just continue to go in there and do what we do everyday.”

Much has been talked about when it comes to the Patriots offense, but the defense is just as formidable. It took them some time to get it together, but the genius of defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and head coach Bill Belichick finally were able to get the talented crew of players they had headed in the right direction. Headed into Super Bowl LII, the team now has a pass rush that features many people and like always, they all are on edge, prepared to make it happen when called upon.

“You don’t ever know when you are going to go in,” said Brown. “So you always prepare like you are going to be in there.”

The Patriots defense has a tough challenge come Sunday against the Eagles despite the loss of star quarterback Carson Wentz. This game will undoubtedly be a challenge for them, but like all things they have faced this season, they will be ready and they will be focused on the task at hand.

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