Musical Interception NFL Players Throwing Passes to the Music Industry

Rapping has become a trend that has emerged amongst professional athletes for

Arian Foster Houston Texan RB

years. Every athlete has their own reason to why they are attracted to the music industry. Some players get into the music industry because they are chasing after a personal dream , it may be a hobby of theirs or it’s a backup career just in case they get injured or another lockout occurs.

Well NFL players Arian Foster, Asante Samuel, and DeSean Jackson have all found an ideal path that leads them down a musical road.


Running back Arian Foster of 2012 AFC South champion the Houston Texans who has a career high of 4,410 yards and 43 touch downs was named “The NFL Renaissance man” by 60 minutes because he isn’t your average football player. Foster not only writes poetry in his spare time but he has a side interest that he entertains during the off season. Foster has been pursuing a career as a rapper during the off season with Texas rap legend Bun B from group UGK. Both Foster and Bun B has made it very clear that the Houston Texans come before his rap career.


Atlanta’s Corner back Asante Samuel who has a career high of 397 COMB and 48 interceptions, has entertained his career as a rapper during the lockout. Samuel wanted to make sure he had a backup plan locked and loaded just in case the lockout ended his football career. Samuel formed a group called” Goons United by the New School.” Samuel aka “Dabbaduece” has released a mix tape entitled “G.U.N.S” and the song “Overtime” check it out


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson who just signed a 47 million deal has a career high of 4,785 yards and 23 touch downs has become a CEO of his own rap label entitled Jaccpot records. Even though this is his hobby as long as he is a professional athlete, Jackson has knocked out over 120 tracks working with Snoop Dogg , Bone Thugs and L.T Hutton. Jackson has a passion for music and it’s not a distraction for him during the season
On my Dip Gullie da kid ft DeSean Jackson and Lou Williams


It’s no surprise that NFL players turn to music as an outlet because they are surrounded by it. Music and athletes go hand in hand. Music is used to promote games, halftime shows and video games like Madden and Athletes use music to help them focus during practice and before games to get them mentally prepared or to relax. Music and the NFL help promote the each other and they meet on the common ground of entertainment. Music helps promote unity of a team and their fans with songs like  Black and Yellow Steeler Nation Remix by Wiz Khalifa  and Houston by Slim Thug ft Paul Wall and Zro. Anthems like these ones not only get the crowd amped but it brings awareness to the teams, players and the artist who record these hit records. I’m sure these players don’t mind the musical interception when it happens especially if it’s a good call.

Wiz Khalifa -Black and Yellow Steeler Nation

Slim Thug ft. Paul Wall and Zro-Houston

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