Mrs. Bernard Pollard Understands the Sacrifices of Motherhood

Mrs. Meghan Pollard is married to husband, Bernard Pollard the starting strong safety for the Baltimore Ravens. Since getting drafted in 2006, Mrs.Pollard has supported her husband’s career playing  for the Kansas City Chiefs, the Houston Texans, and now the Ravens. Through all this moving Mrs. Pollard has stayed steadfast in her faith and raising her two children. Pro Player Insiders was able to interview Meghan on her journey of Motherhood just in time for Mother’s Day.

The Pollard Family Starring: Meghan, Alonna (2), Jaylen (4), & Bernard

PPI:  What does being a mother mean to you?

Meghan Pollard: Being a mother is a blessing from God. The love I have for our children is more than I could have ever imagined. The task that God has bestowed upon me has brought me closer to Him and my husband.


PPI: What are names and ages of your children? Tell us word to describe each of them.

Meghan: Jaylen,4, is a good mixture of Bernard and I. He’s quiet when he first meets you, but once he feels comfortable he lets go and shows his fun,
goofy, and warm hearted self. Alonna,2, is quite a character. Her loud, boisterous personality is polarizing. She has an, “I know what I want and I’m not shy to ask for it” attitude.


PPI: What has been one of your fondest memories that made you realize the amazing gift of motherhood?

Meghan: My fondest memories that show me how great motherhood is that every morning when Jaylen wakes up he unlatches the gate to Alonna’s room. Together they come in to wake me up, excited to tell me whatever is on their mind.


PPI:  How has your own mother influenced your life and how you raise your children?

Meghan: My mother has taught me to sacrifice for my children. For her it meant sacrificing her time with us because she had to work as a single parent. For me it means sacrificing things I want to do for me, to do things with and for my children.


PPI: What will you be doing with your husband and family on Mother’s Day? Does your family have any traditional ways they celebrate Mother’s Day?

Meghan: To us Mother’s Day is like any other day. I do use it as an excuse here and there to kick my feet up on Mother’s Day but overall it’s a pretty normal day. I’m blessed to have a husband that cherishes me every day. This Mother’s Day we will be in our home town, Fort Wayne, Indiana, so we will be taking my mother to dinner.


PPI: Even though your husband plays a masculine sport, how do you think his mother has influenced his success?

Meghan:  To me Bernard’s mother has done the best thing anyone can do for their children, and that is that she raised him up to know the Lord. With Bernard having Jesus, he has been able to play this game and be successful at it, while giving God all the glory.


On top of being a mother, Meghan and Bernard Pollard also run an amazing foundation. Their charity  helps children and families in the communities in which they live called, Pollard’s Helping Hands. For more information on the foundation, e-mail

Interview by Tammara McDonald: Team McDonald

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