A List of the Most Fashionable Athletes

A recent trend has caught on that is spreading like wildfire amongst the athletic community, the trend of being fashionable. Now when I say, fashionable, I mean more than just putting on your Sunday best and going for a quick shave. No, when I say fashionable I’m talking about athletes that are elevating the game of how to dress in all situations. Whether they are out for lunch or a night on the town, these athletes never fail to miss an opportunity to let their personal flag for looking good fly. Here’s a list of the most fashionable athletes in soccer, tennis, football, basketball, and baseball that define what it means to dress to impress:


Soccer: David Beckham

One simply cannot compile a list of the most fashionable athletes and not mention Beckham. His name has become just as synonymous in the fashion world as it has in the world of soccer. With running achievements in fashion like his own brand of clothing with H&M to his infamous underwear campaigns with Emporio Armani. Beckham exudes that he has just as much a place on the runway as on the field. Never failing to wear the finest tailored suits to any occasion, Beckham is certainly not shy about showing off what he has.


Tennis: Maria Sharapova


While the beautiful blonde bomber of tennis has always been on the fashionable side of being an athlete, she places second on the list for consistency. Most athletes will go through a phase of appearing fashionable and make the cover of Vogue or GQ one month. Sharapova, on the other hand, harnesses a style of high end brands and overall fabulousness that has allowed her to grace the cover of magazines such as InStyle, Bazaar, Glamour, and Esquire consistently since her debut back in 2001. That is 13 years of being fashionable, brava!


Football: Victor CruzVictor-Cruz-GQ_07May13_rex_b_320x480

The man has undeniable style and a smile full of pearly whites that could melt the sun. Cruz shows off his impeccable substance as a fashionable athlete in the pages of GQ and makes you wonder if he is an athlete or a model. What makes Cruz so fashionable is that not only does he look good in the clothes he wears, but also he makes the clothes he wears more attractive. All things considered if the whole professional football thing does not work out for Cruz, he should seriously think about modeling.


Basketball: Dwyane Wade


Wade is a shining example of a fashionable athlete that has a tremendous sense of fashion. Wade successfully combines the high-end fashion sense of a man representing a city with the style and poise of a gentleman. He wears cardigans and neat slacks while traveling and is articulate and witty in post game interviews. Wade shows that he knows the value of dressing well courtside and does a phenomenal job of not coming off as egocentric. He proves that being fashionable is not just about the clothes you wear; it is about how you carry yourself in those clothes.

Baseball: Matt Kemp

Kemp brings out the style of the traditional gentleman in his wardrobe. Often donning slate grey suits that come in a variety of different styles, including double-breasted, gingham, and even three piece suit that seems to be making a comeback. He matches this style with a white button down and has created a signature look out of wearing dress shirts with a wider collar. Kemp adds a little personal flair to his wardrobe through the use of pocket squares and the handsome Windsor tie technique. As a player of America’s past time, Kemp presents himself as a fashionable athlete that exemplifies how past fashions can conform to current trends.



The Most Fashionable Athlete Overall: Dwayne Wade


I’m sure this decision will fuel much debate and suspicion as to whether I am biased or not, so please hear me out before tearing up the comments section. First of all, I hate the Miami Heat dynasty and everything they stand for. If you thought I picked Wade because I’m on the Heat bandwagon you are sorely mistaken. I picked Wade because he posses all the qualities I look for in someone that fashionable. His clothes are trendy, but also neat, pressed, and classic. He knows that boarding an airplane calls for clothes that you would wear to a casual get together, something that has been lost on half the population of people that board airplanes in ketchup stained shirts and pajama pants. His courtside and off court etiquette are impeccable. He realizes that he is representing something bigger than himself, and shows this in his dress. For that he earns my respect and the right to be called the most fashionable athlete.

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