Dolphins Play Bingo for Black History Month

Opa-Locka, FL – Current Miami Dolphins player Richard Marshall and cheerleaders participated in Black History bingo games at Parkview Elementary in Opa-Locka, Florida. The purpose of the visit was to promote Black History Month through a one-hour game of bingo called “Jingo.” Each student was given a Jingo play sheet with famous African-Americans occupying each square.

Dolphins Black History Month 350x350

“It was a lot of fun just coming out here and being around the kids,” Marshall said. “A lot of the kids knew who it was on the cards before we even said the names, so that was interesting for us to see that kids are out here learning. I learned some things about some of these people that I didn’t even know before and a lot of those kids knew more than I did about this.”

Photo credit to Miami Dolphins

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