Meet Tim Brown’s Hall of Fame Wife, Sherice

“Pray about everything, live with integrity, eat clean, and exercise. Your body is a temple.”  These are the words Sherice Brown lives by. As her husband, Raiders legend gets inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, we now realize that his wife is of equal elite caliber.10983112_10152745953894094_475315095_o

Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders captured some of Mrs. Brown’s time to learn more about the woman behind the newly inducted HOF Class of 2015 member,  Mr. Tim Brown. Our March Off the Field Players Wives Association Woman of the Month tells us about everything; from meeting her husband at a wedding reception, to uncovering Tim’s tambourine skills, and to watching her husband play in the Super Bowl while giving birth to their twins.


Pro Player Insiders: We have to start by asking about the obvious… you have so many projects. The LaNette Groupe, supporting your husband’s book and much more but w hat have you been currently working on?

SB: I’m always working on ways to improve health and fitness. Through She’ Brown’s Fitness, I’m doing personal training and instructing on nutrition. The Lanette Group serves as a catering and events company. Additionally, I’m in the preliminary stages of writing a book about my life.

PPI: Your husband, Tim Brown, was announced as a member of the 2015 Hall of Fame class. What was that moment like hearing his name?

SB:  In a nutshell, pure joy! I was so happy for him. Every dedicated athlete, strives to be the best at what they do and It was great seeing him recognized for all the hard work he put in to the sport he loves . I know that God has His perfect timing but there was something about this year that I felt was our year. And it was extra special having our children there to share in it.

1456609_931496030201591_7054736058640167302_nPPI: What were the first things Tim said after he was nominated?

SB: He was like “Wow!” He could not stop thanking the person who shared the good news. He was just full of gratitude.

PPI: What does it mean to you knowing your husband was one of the best to ever play the game?

SB: I’m happy for him and proud of him. He always gave 100% on that field.

Woman of the Month…
PPI: We want to get to know you. Describe yourself in one sentence.

SB: I would describe myself as a dedicated, loyal and focused on clean and healthy living.

PPI: Tell me a little about your passions outside of supporting your husband’s NFL career?

SB: One of the things I am most passionate about is health and wellness through clean eating and exercise. As I mentioned, I lost my grandmother to diabetes when she was just 66 years old. Her unnecessary death, motivated me to completely change my lifestyle and that of my family. As a result, my mom who was also diagnosed with diabetes, no longer has to take insulin and her health has greatly improved.

SB (cont.): Another thing dear to my heart, is helping abused women and girls. A few years ago, I began speaking to young ladies at the Dallas Juvenile Detention Center and a Pregnancy Center in Florida about my own story of abuse that I endured as a child. I want to be an encouragement to hurting women of all ages. I tell them that with God’s help, you can push past your pain and not only live but thrive .


PPI: You started the modeling and talent agency, what was the thought process behind that?

SB: I did some modeling when I was younger; however at that time they always told me that I was not quite tall enough. Fortunately, times have changed and there are a lot more opportunities for models of different heights, shapes and sizes. My daughter Timon models and my other daughter Tamar models, sings and plays piano. So you could say that it’s a family thing. I  understand the pitfalls that often come with this industry. I also enjoy helping many follow their dreams and wanted to provide an environment where Christian values could flourish.

PPI: Was there a moment  since you started your company that made you realize exactly why you started?

SB: The day my mother no longer had to take insulin was validation and cause for celebration. I was also blessed to personal train a television reporter. Through our work together, she lost weight became more confident which led to several job offers. A healthy lifestyle is a cure-all for many diseases and I want to spread this message far and wide.

PPI: What projects or events have you been focused on recently, that we can look forward to?

SB: Of course, I have been traveling with Tim to promote the Making of a Man. In the future, I have plans to write a book about my life, create a devotional for abuse victims and ultimately build a transitional housing faculty for young ladies coming out of detention centers and for those who are 18 and over aging out of foster care.



PPI: In addition to work you do a lot of philanthropy. Tell us more about your families work in the community and with OTFWPA?

SB: Giving back is a way of life and our family. God blesses each of us so that we can be a blessing to someone else. Some of the causes closest to our hearts, involve children. We are actively involved with St. Judes Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network, Athletes & Entertainers for kids and of course Off The Field Players Wives Association. Through Off the Field, we have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars to charities benefitting children and women all across the country.

PPI: Tell me about the role faith has played in your life.
SB: My faith in God is my life. My day begins and ends with God. God is invited and included throughout every area of my life -my marriage, my parenting and my businesses. The platform God has given us has given us so many opportunities to Minister and share our faith.


Your husband and Football…

PPI: How did you meet Mr. Tim Brown?

SB: The short answer is at the wedding of a mutual friend, the late Chester McGlockton. Chester had apparently been trying to introduce us for several months; however Tim cannot imagine that Chester knew any nice Christian girls. At the reception, Tim was next to me while I was ordering a drink so I asked him what he wanted. He then asked me what I was drinking and I said cranberry juice. He  then said I’ll have the same and walked away. Later he asked Chester “who is that girl in the polka dot dress.” Chester explained, “That’s Sherice, the woman I’ve been trying to introduce you to all this time. ” Coincidentally, we ended up sitting at the same table and we really hit it off. We discovered that we shared many of the same values and goals. God’s timing is so perfect. I met him just at the right time. I had stopped dating as part of a class in church called “under construction.” Its focus was on allowing God to be our everything. It encouraged us to date God. Tim attended the graduation ceremony with me- my knight in shining armor. And the rest is history.


PPI: How many years have you been married?

SB: This year will make 18 years.

PPI: What is one thing we need to know about Tim? That he can golf (Golf Channel Big Break)?

SB:  Yes, besides the fact that he is an avid golfer, what many people don’t know is that Tim is an amazing tambourine player! I’m talking cymbals flying, hand pounding percussion. He is so serious that in preparation, he takes off his rings and his watch. He even works up a vigorous sweat! Tim loves it. I believe it’s one of his ways to really praise God. You can check him out on Facebook.

PPI: What has Tim’s new book, “The Making of a Man,” focused on?

SB: It is a great book focused on mentoring young men of all ages. It shows them how you can be an athlete or any profession and still live a life of integrity, honesty and live as a Christian . Tim is also transparent and shares his past struggles and mistakes he’s made to help them avoid the same pitfalls.


PPI: What was your favorite moment watching your husband play?

SB: Hands down, it had to be seeing my husband play in the Super Bowl. The funny thing is while he was playing, I was in labor with our twins. I was trying to watch the game and breathe through my contractions. I did not want to miss a thing. As a matter of fact, I did not want him to miss their birth so I waited as long as I could and thankfully he arrived just in time for their birth. It was really an awesome day from start to finish.

PPI: Which of your husbands former teammates have you remained close to?

SB: Well if you’re talking about their wives, I have to say to Romonda Jordan has been one of my closest and dearest friends for more than a decade.


You live in Dallas and are a Raiders fan so we have to hit you with the PPI  FIRE 5:

Best Restaurant? 3 Forks Steak and Seafood

Favorite place to shop? North Park Mall

Go to tourist attraction? Tourists love to visit the Cowboy Stadium and Bishop TD Jakes’ Church

Favorite Raiders Player? I don’t have a current favorite.

Best thing about Raiders Nation? The fans of course! There are none more dedicated and loyal than those of Raider Nation. They are so encouraging and supportive. When the Raiders played the Dolphins in England, a huge delegation of fans were in the stadium in full regalia cheering on their team. They are the best!


OTFWPA and being a wife…
PPI: You’re a founding member of Off the Field Player Wives Association. Has there been a fellow NFL wife you have looked up to or bonded with. If so, who? Tell me about her.

SB: There are so many of these amazing women who have impacted my life, but I must say I have drawn closest to Ashley Brown, Romonda Jordan, and Erica Lassiter. We have formed a bond that is unbreakable. Our families are close. We have vacationed together and supported one another through the various transitions in our lives. While our husbands were playing and after retirement. We share a belief in building strong families, strong relationships and in supporting our husbands.

PPI: When Tim was playing was there a wife or family you connected with during his time in the league?

SB: Again, Romonda Jordan (Randy) as well as Kim Wheatley (Tyrone), Vicky Carrington (Darren) and Angie Garner (Charlie).


PPI: Tell us about your children. Are their a couple words to describe each of them. Taylor it is highly intelligent, responsible and very funny.
SB: Timon is smart, athletic and shy
Tamar is confident, strong, intelligent and talented.
Timothy is handsome, spiritual, athletic, loving and kind
Tish is strong and driven



PPI: What advice would you give other women about balancing their lives? Or what is your mantra to live by?
SB: To achieve balance, you must continually pray and ask God for wisdom.He will provide you the ability to carry out the things that he places in your heart to do. Trust that somehow whatever really needs to get accomplished will be.

It would be an under statement to say, Raiders Nation is excited to see Brown get inducted into the Hall of Fame this May. But now we see that behind every successful man is an equally strong, driven, and successful woman. Stay tuned to see this power couple make even more impacts  in 2015.

-Theresa Villano, @Theresa_ppi @PlayerInsiders

–Erika Lassiter. OTFWPA President contributed to this article

More Photos of Mrs. Sherice Brown:

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