Meet Amanda, Leonard Davis’ Better Half

Did you know there are NFL players and families that live on farms? Have you met a woman that can dress up and look fabulous after a night giving CPR to an 11 year old Schnauzer? Do you know anyone married to a 6’6, 375 pound offensive lineman? Let us introduce you to Amanda Davis.amanda_davis_2010_11_10Animal doctor, nurse school graduate, entrepreneur, jewelry designer, cosmetologist, mom and NFL wife are all things Mrs. Davis has been called. Davis may be known for her role in Vh1 Football Wives but the role has only played out as a small piece of her life as an NFL wife. After finishing her nursing degree and marrying Davis, almost 11 years ago, this vivacious woman has not slowed down. From football to her ranch life for 12 seasons Amanda supported her husband, Leonard Davis’ career.


You may remember Leonard for being the highest paid and most physical player in the NFL from 2001-2012. The three time Pro Bowler was the second overall pick by the Cardinals in the 2001 NFL Draft, but also played for the Cowboys, Lions and 49ers. With all of these accomplishments under their belt, it is evident that money and physical power never defined Mrs.Davis and her family.622x350

Theresa Villano of Pro Player Insiders was able to catch up with Amanda in between Super Bowl planning and a mild snow storm, to find out about her current projects and unconditional love for her children and animals.

Pro Player Insiders: We have to start by asking about the obvious… how your life has changed since VH1 Football wives. People know understand you are far more than the show. What have you been currently working on?

Amanda Davis: Football wives was an incredible stepping stone for me. I have to say. It not only introduced me to some amazing women but it has been opening doors that even my husband couldn’t! Currently, I’m working on life after football. It’s a full-time job! I went back and finish my cosmetology degree and am working to open a salon to also house my first love… jewelry design!

football wives

PPI: What are your thoughts on the 2014 season so far? What team did you support this year? Which players have you been rooting for? Super Bowl hopes?

AD: This 2014 season by far for me it has been very unsettling, to say the least. It almost seems like everyone I knew, is gone retired and the game is very different. I’m always screaming at the TV! I don’t have specific players that I really watch but I do watch Anquan Bolden. Anquan played with Leonard back in Arizona and I cherish my relationship with, Dionne, his wife. We have been through a lot together. There so many players so it’s hard to choose.


Cont. AD: Wow… it’s Super Bowl time again. I hope the Cardinals will make history, for their legacy. We were there when “Fitz” (we called him that long before anyone else did), Larry Fitzgerald, came in. He’s come a long way that would be nice for him to have a ring.


Woman of the Month…

PPI: Describe yourself in one sentence.

AD: Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack, I don’t give up.

PPI: How did you meet Mr. Davis?

AD: It’s kind of funny how I met Leonard. I was out with some girls from work and he was by himself. We were actually at a tiny little restaurant. He was just very cute and I knew I needed to meet him, so I went over to say hello. Oh and yes, he stared at me for like two hours before I even said anything! He may not admit to that though (chuckles).

PPI: How many years have you been married? What are some of your favorite things you do together?

AD: Leonard and I have been married 10 1/2 years. It will be 11 years in April! Some of our favorite things to do together is going to dinner and the movies. Actually, we just like to hang out at home, we’re kind of hermit crabs (chuckles).



PPI: Tell me a little about your passions outside of supporting your husband’s NFL career?

AD: My passions are making a difference in times where others feel helpless to help themselves. If there’s one thing that drives me, it is when people tell me “I can’t.” I am also passionate about animals. I volunteer with my daughter at the local SPCA Healing Hearts Refuge. We work with her school group to volunteer my cold laser therapy machine to help speed the recovery of the horses from their wounds and other issues. This is in addition to having a family farm or zoo as we call it which includes cows, goats, 2 Mastiffs, 1 American Bulldog, 3 Miniature Schnauzers, a hamster named Max, and 2 Cornish Rex cats. It’s located on 5 acres outside of Phoenix where Leonard grew up.

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PPI: Sounds like you do a lot of philanthropy. Tell us more about your families work in the community.

AD: There are lots of ways you can help in the community but this year (and actually in the past years), I’ve struggled with bad migraines. I have not been able to understand why I would get them. Since they were so debilitating, I’ve since found a doctor that deals with my autonomic system. I feel very strongly that in our communities people don’t fully understand why kids are sick or why their debilitated with certain diseases. People struggle to understand why kids are misdiagnosed and not understood in classrooms or in general. What I have found out from my own struggle is that it begins with their internal systems. So with the community in mind, our goal is to help by working closely with Dr. Patrick Nemecheck. He has helped me and together we will educate others as to why it’s so important that our brains and our internal systems are fed properly. Here - – is more on how Dr. Nemecheck helps his patients restore their body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and optimizing health.


PPI: In addition to the farm you had another family business, Smash Burger. How did your business start? How many did you and Leonard own?

AD: Unfortunately, we no longer own the Smash Burgers. They were sold this year. We owned a total of six, but I am working on opening a new salon. Leonard is currently working with a director and a motion picture company. Everyone can look forward to an amazing film coming out soon!

PPI: What is your favorite part of working so closely with your businesses? Was there a moment since you started that made you realize why you wanted to start working in the restaurant industry?

AD: Our favorite part was being able to drop in and talk with our employees. They were actually scared to death when we showed up. I loved being able to say, “Hey, it’s no big deal. I’m just as normal as you are, relax,” (chuckles). We did say on more than one occasion, that we better be careful or we were going to end up being extremely round. The shakes were killer!

PPI: What 2015 projects do have coming in the New Year that we can look forward to?

AD: In addition to the movie will look to be a part of and the salon, I’ve said for years now I want to write a book. I think the book would help people understand what our lives are like. On TV it wasn’t exactly shown the way we wanted it to be portrayed. You can’t change things in a book… so get ready for a book. I don’t know maybe a tell-all or just maybe the truth of what happened. Sometimes the truth hurts but sometimes people need to know the truth.


PPI: Tell me about the role faith has played in your life.

AD: Faith plays a huge role in our family. It starts off our day and it ends with us praying together. Actually, we’ve had to learn this year how to pray together. It’s a hard thing to do. It doesn’t seem like it should be, but to sit down and pray with your spouse is very difficult. You open yourself up to being vulnerable and into telling your spouse some of your deepest hurts. To say your prayers to your spouse can be frightening thing but I realized God controls how the other one really reacts. I know that God’s actually the one in control.


PPI: Fans often think that NFL family have the means and money to have a perfect life. Have you gone through any hardships that made you realize that money does not equal happiness?

 AD: I could become the new Carrie Bradshaw of writing a column about hardships in relationships. The difficulties we face as spouses and husband-and-wife in the NFL is not all peaches and cream. Money does not buy happiness. I have said on more than one occasion, I would trade everything I had to be happy. When you’re unhappy nothing materialistic in the world will ever fix that feeling.


Your husband and Football…

PPI: What was your favorite moment watching your husband play?

AD: I think my favorite moment watching my husband play football was when he was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys. He got to come back home to Texas to play football where he was from. That was really exciting for him and it made him happy, so it made me happy.




PPI: Which of your husband’s former teammates have you remained close to?

AD: We are still close with Flozell Adams. I actually don’t call him that but if I revealed his nickname he will probably get me. Andre Gurode and I can’t reveal his nickname either! I don’t call any of these guys by their real names…they all have nicknames. Marc Colombo, Kyle Kosier, and Anquan Bolden, Cory Procter, Adrian Wilson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Kwamie Lassiter. The list probably goes on and on. In 12 years in the league, you lose track of a lot of names. If I’m forgetting anybody ladies (NFL wives) please forgive me. You know I love you and your spouses.


Being an NFL wife…

PPI: After being on Vh1 Football wives have you remained close to those ladies? Was it less drama then actually it was made out to be?

AD: Yes. Being on Football Wives I have remained very close with those wives, with the exception of one I’m sure you can figure that out. Less drama that’s funny actually having to deal with that one person made it so much more drama. There was more drama off-camera usually then there was on camera and the deleted scenes were actually funny so you probably would’ve laughed more than see more drama, but yes there was more drama. Exhausting to say the least.


PPI: Has there been a fellow NFL wife you have looked up to or bonded with while your husband was playing. If so, who? Tell me about her.

AD: It’s funny, I went almost 10 years before meeting this very special woman. I met her during Football Wives…Melanie Ismail. Melani has been a very special person in my life for so many reasons. I just couldn’t explain to you there’s just a connection between her and I. Our spiritual connection is strong. God uses both of us in each other’s lives in multiple ways, when we really needed each other. In this (NFL) sport you need someone like that. Then there’s those times where you just need somebody to be extremely silly with. Melani and I can act extremely unexplainable like we are two-year-old. She is that person for me and I can’t ever begin to thank her enough for that.


PPI: Tell us about your children. Describe each of them in a sentence.

AD: Our oldest daughter is Meeya. She’s 11. She is exactly like Leonard. Meeya is tall, smart, quiet but extremely intelligent, gentle and probably one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She’s my first born and she’s just one-of-a-kind. Our youngest daughter is Mariya. She is exactly like me. She is 9 years old. She’s funny, silly, and extremely mouthy at times, of course like her mother. But again one of the sweetest children you’ll ever meet. Mariya lights up a room and everyone always want to be around her.

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PPI: What advice would you give other women about being an NFL wife?

AD: I would tell any wife in the league that it’s very important to stay grounded. You’re the only person on your team. There’s never anybody else you can really trust. You always have to watch your own back so do just that and stay close to home. Love yourself, cut yourself some slack, and know you’re not perfect…you’re never going to be. Be you and overall, don’t sweat the small stuff.


PPI: Your social media posts are always very inspirational. Is there a quote that you would leave us with?

AD: Remember why you started, and more importantly why you keep going.

Davis Family New Years 2015
Davis Family New Years 2015



With the Super Bowl coming up and you living near Phoenix, so we have to hit you with the PPI Dallas FIRE 5 for fans to know what to do while in town.


1. Best Restaurant?  Ruth Chris


2. Favorite place to shop? Scottsdale Fashio and Nove Boutique


3. Go to tourist attraction? Up North skiing, Sunrise, or Snow-Bowl


4. Favorite current Cardinals player? Of course, Larry Fitz.


5. Best thing about Bird Gang Nation? The Bird Gang are literally fans forever…win loose, or draw!


Whether you see Davis on the big screen in the near future, at her new salon, or at this year’s Super Bowl; you are pretty much guaranteed to run into the Davis family around Phoenix.



–Ericka Lassiter,President of Off the Field Wives Association, contributed to this story.

Here is more of the Davis Family’s farm life:

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photo 1
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