Marcedes Lewis Enjoying “Age of the Tight End”

ProPlayerInsiders caught up with Jacksonville Jaguars Marcedes Lewis to get his thoughts on the past season and the upcoming Super Bowl.  Lewis was one of the player presenters who shared the stage with a few celebrities at the NFLPA PULSE Awards held recently in LA.

Lewis is proud to be a part of this “Golden Age” of the tight end.  The tight end has been an overlooked offensive position in times past but is showing a rebirth among teams this season.

“As years have progressed, teams have become more in tune to using the tight end,” said Lewis. Many team’s offensive schemes and game plans are even being centered around the tight end position.

“This has given me a chance to lobby some of my own plays to my coaches.  As much as the position has grown, it’s almost like our position has its own secret society, ” Lewis said.

This secret society stepped up in the playoff games this season.  Lewis gave a shout out to Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots star tight end, whom he met at the Super Bowl last year.  “Gronkowski is a great guy. It’s exciting to watch Gronkowski go out there and play.  His love for the game is rare.  It kind of reminds me of the way I used to play in college and how happy I was just to play the game.”

But Lewis chuckles and admits, “It doesn’t hurt to have Tom Brady throwing you the ball too…that’s exciting.”

Off the field, this Jag has enjoyed supporting his good friend Willie McGinest’s Southern California based Charitable Gift Fund.    He has also established his own foundation, started four years ago, that awards scholarships to kids in the community who otherwise would not be able to participate in youth sports.

“It’s exciting to be able to give back and to be on a platform in order to do that. Also to be at awards like this that recognizes that; because you never know the difference you can make in lives by just being there.”

Marcedes Lewis Foundation is holding their 3rd Annual Casino Night on February 11th at 7pm at The Centre at Sycamore Plaza in Lakewood, CA.  The money raised last year sent over 500 kids, from the surrounding southern California communities,to his instructional football camp last year.

 For more information follow him @MarcedesLewis89 and visit his foundation

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