Manning Brothers Take Ads to New Level

For decades professional athletes have been used as spokespeople in television commercials.  Who can forget ‘Mean’ Joe Greene back in 1979 having a coke and a smile?

Unfortunately, not every commercial is as iconic as Greene’s Coca-Cola ad. Nowadays NFL fans are inundated with endless advertisements featuring professional athletes. So much so that we hardly even notice or care anymore.  (Victor Cruz, please stop trying to sell me Time Warner Cable). There is no doubt that the athlete endorsement has lost some of its charm. Fortunately for us, there is a team of brothers out there who have made it their personal mission to end boring athlete endorsement ads forever. I’m talking of course about Peyton and Eli Manning.

Over the last several years, the Manning brothers have been responsible for some of the most entertaining and downright hilarious television commercials. Take this recent DIRECTV ad for example:

Following up their “Football Cops” fame, the duo is currently working on their latest ad campaign that will air sometime in the coming months, as we inch closer to football season.  The good folks at were able to give us a glimpse at the new ad by tweeting out this picture on July 12:

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