Manning Brothers Reunite; Produce another #1 Hit

If “Football on Your Phone” is still set as your cell phone ringer, it’s time to update it with this song of the year.  This year’s commercial goes from Eli Manning sporting a light avocado colored quarter zip in his living room to him auto-tuning in outer space alongside his father and a flying horse.  And Peyton becomes the Moon.

Just watch it and get it over with.  However, be advised that if you are uncomfortable with the thought of Joe Namath “making stew” with your mom, you should disregard this video and go about your day.  I’m serious.

DirecTV flaunts their marketing brilliance once again as the Manning brothers really swung for the fences on this one.  Whether the video was a homerun touchdown or not is sheerly up to you.  Whenever you get Peyton and Eli sporting ripped jeans, snapback hats, and gold chains, something special is bound to unfold, whether you’d like to admit it or not.

Is this going to boost sales for NFL Sunday Ticket’s new Fantasy Zone Channel?  Who knows?  What’s more concerning is that the woman being embraced by Broadway Joe near that pot of stew is someone’s actual mother.    Let’s hope they never have to see this and avoid the Internet for the rest of their lives.

Courtesy of USATodayBut actually.

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