Make Your Selection For Pocono Raceway

As each race weekend approaches, do you go through the entry list for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and randomly pick who you think will win?  Are you involved in a selection pool that lasts all season where you have to look at each race at the beginning of the season and select a driver for each race and hope for a good outcome?  Or, do you look at the Vegas odds?  I know, your approach is looking at the history of the past winners at the track and make an educated guess.

Most likely, the educated guess is the best way to approach.  Why you ask?  Well, the educated guess is completed by looking at past winners at the track.  Past winners at the track show what drivers can navigate the track, know how to hit their marks on the track and have a sense of the best line.

So lets look at the winners at Pocono Raceway since the start of the 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season up to the June race of this year at Pocono, to make an educated guess of who will be in victory lane this Sunday.Photo Courtesy @poconoraceway

In 2010, the June race at Pocono Raceway was won by Denny Hamlin, while the August race was won by Greg Biffle.  In 2011, the June race at Pocono Raceway was won by Jeff Gordon and the August race was won by Brad Keselowski.  2012 saw Joey Logano win the June race at Pocono Raceway, while Jeff Gordon took the checkered flag in August.

Jimmie Johnson was standing in victory lane at the end of the June race at Pocono Raceway in 2013, with Kasey Kahne winning in August.  Pocono Raceway had a sweep of the June and August race by Dale Earnhardt Jr. in 2014.  Earlier this year in June, Martin Truex Jr. took the checkered flag.

So who has had the most success since 2010 at Pocono Raceway in terms of going to victory lane?  Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have both won twice, so who do you select.  Being Dale Earnhardt Jr. scored his victories more recent than Gordon and swept the races in 2014, it shows Earnhardt Jr. has a feel for the track in its current condition.  An educated guess on this one would be Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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