It’s a Long Story: The Circus Bear

The preseason games have started. Team dinners are inevitable. And you can be sure to expect more than one prank among teammates. I mean how else are these guys supposed to pass the intermissions between practice, films studies, games and team meetings? A good dose of harmless laughter sounds good to me; even if it involves a 6’7″ 300 lb. dancing bear as the center of attention. Yes, that’s right, Chicago Bears second year guard Kyle Long knows a thing or two about #BearingDown. Just make sure you keep your ladies clear of him because this mammal can boogie like no other. Talk about having some PEP in your STEP. Check out Brandon Marshall‘s instagram video (taken in the locker room):

Long seems as if he’d fair well as a circus bear in the great Moscow State Circus. Either that or we all have a sense he will wind up on Dancing with the Stars in the near future. Regardless, don’t miss out on Matt Forte falling in line to the groove as his cub!

Now, the real questions come: 1. Did he learn those gyrating moves from his dad (Pro Football Hall of Famer) Howie Long? 2. Can his brother (St. Louis Ram’s defensive end) Chris Long keep up?

I’ll give you a hint to the first question – “Like father, like son”, they say! Bottom line: Beware of the dancing bear. . . at least until hibernation.

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