Kyler Murray Selected with the 1st Overall Pick

There were so many different scenarios put out there leading up to the NFL Draft. Kyler Murray was deemed the number one pick and then there were many questions that came after. Then came the report that he may not go 1st overall and there were names floated out there like Ohio State’s Nick Bosa. Well, all that drama can now be over and thankfully for Kyler Murray, he did end up being the first overall pick.

“Arizona is where I wanted to be,” said Murray when speaking to the media for the first time after being drafted by the Cardinals. The usually cool, calm and collected quarterback admitted that he was a little nervous heading into the pick and that when he was picked, he was glad it was done.

Speaking of the team he’s going to, Murray also is excited that he has the backing of his coach, Kliff Kingsbury.

“He knows what I am capable of and he is behind me. He is going to let me play and be me,” said 2019′s first overall pick.

No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: Kyler Murray is going to be at the helm of this offense.

The Cardinals have not moved Josh Rosen so far during this draft to the surprise of many, but we know he will be moving at some point down the line. Now instead of wondering who they would select if you believed the rumors of Murray not being drafted first overall, now the Cardinals have to wonder how they can unload Rosen before the season starts.

That answer could come at any time, but what we do know if Kingsbury has his quarterback and it will be fun to see what Murray can do with an offense that likes to put the ball in the air.

Kyler Murray Draft 2


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