Kyle Busch Sweeps at Indianapolis

Wow, just wow.  What do you call it when someone is on a remarkable run – where they seem to be invincible?  Whether it is a hitting streak, throwing touchdown passes, or winning races, any athlete who puts together a stretch that is just amazing, does this because of talent.

After Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the “NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Racing from the Brickyard Presented by Golden Corral”, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, there is no way you can say Kyle Busch is not in the elite category as a driver and has a tremendous amount of talent.

After dominating the Xfinity Series race on Saturday and using his talent to make a last lap pass and win the Xfinity Series race, Busch came into Sunday’s Sprint Cup race looking for the weekend sweep.  Get out those brooms, because sweep he did.

Although he did not dominate on Sunday, leading only 19 laps, Busch continued the remarkable run he is on of winning 3 straight races and 4 of the last 5 races, making victory lane a frequent visit for Busch lately.

“Maybe I found my happy place”

Busch said in Victory Lane Sunday.  Photo Courtesy @NASCAR

Well think about it.  Busch after having a compound fracture of his right leg and broken left foot, injuries he sustained in the Xfinity race at Daytona International Speedway to start the season, he missed the first 11 races of the Sprint Cup Series.  The run he is on, has been since he came back!  As Busch noted,

“This has been a phenomenal return.”

So what does this mean for the rest of the season for Busch?  Well, although he has won four races, he is still not in the season ending Chase to determine the season Champion.  Missing all those races caused him to drop deep in the points.  The qualification for him to get into the Chase

  1. Have a win
  2. Be in the top-30 in points when those final 10 races come around

Well, number 1 is obviously checked off.  However, number 2 is not, as Busch is 23 points out of 30th in the points, currently sitting 32nd.

But, with 6 races before the start of the Chase, do you have any doubt Busch will be higher than 30th?


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