Kobe Bryant Shooting for His 6th Ring

There is no perfect time in getting  Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Kobe Bryant ready for the 2013-2014 season. Last season Kobe shocked many by carrying his struggling, and injured team into the playoffs. Bryant was faced with a lot of adversity when people started to noticed that he was taking more shots than the rest of the team., but it was just building up the tension for Bryant to make a statement.

The Lakers were not supposed to have a shot of getting into the 8th, and last spot for the play off run.  Several people wrote this team out of the playoffs, and yet somehow they managed to make their way into the 7th seed. Their season was far from perfect, but the timing was perfection.Los Angeles Lakers v Orlando Magic

Bryant just turned 35th on August 23, and still has the explosive first step that amazes defenders. Bryant was the youngest player to reach 30,000 points in his career. Because of his success, a lot of people want to know Kobe’s workout plan.

How does he stay in shape and what inspires him to work towards perfection?

Kobe’s drive is quite simple; he wants his 6th ring. “That’s the exciting part about it, facing those type of challenges. That’s what excites me, that’s what excites us going into the season. We know, just like in anything, it doesn’t matter how many star players you have as long as you have a group of players that play well together and are focused on getting to the common goal together. That’s really what matters the most.”

Bryant is very motivated to be the best.  His work out plans are very grueling, so intense he calls it the “666 plan”.

Six days a week, you have to hit the gym. You will get the results in due time, but as Bryant says,”You are going to have to feel some pain, you will feel like your lungs are burning, but do not give up!”  Bryant recommends cardio training first. “This step will help you get faster, and build your muscles so that you could run a greater distance without slowing down. You will have to run 4×400 within 2 minutes of rest in between attempts, than 10×15 to work on sprints, than 2×200 meters.” The whole objective with this workout is not to burn out your legs, but to build them to run for lengthy periods of time.

On Monday and Thursday after the run, you have to push your body to the limits. On those days you will begin with bench pressing, lat pull downs, incline press, military press, and abdominal crunches. Remember to go at a steady pace and continue for over an hour.Kobe Bryant

Tuesday and Friday’s workout is a little bit more easier. It starts with lateral dumbbell raises, bar dips, tricep push downs, bicep curls, and abdominal crunches. Remember to rest when needed. This will help you build upper body strength. The last workout for the 6 days a week program is Wednesday and Saturday and included several back squats and leg curls.

No wonder Kobe looks like an unstoppable force on the court.

As we approach the 2013-2014 season, many people have been asking about the injury that Bryant had sustained last season and how it will affect his performance.

Even at 35, Kobe is still a genius in the game. His performance in the gym has been one of the reasons why he is so good at his sport. It takes time, commitment, and a lot of strength to be consistent with his type of fitness program.






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