Kevin Durant Donates Millions to Tornado Victims

After a devastating tornado destroyed many parts of Oklahoma, the victims of the damage were paid a visit by some thunder – The NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder that is.

Kevin Durant (small forward for OKC Thunder), who is known as one of the best basketball players in the league and is also known as one of the most caring and genuine players off the court as well, personally donated $1 million to relief efforts in OK as reported by NBC Sports. But it didn’t stop there.

Not only did Durant donate $1 million, but also the Thunder organization matched his donation as well as the NBA players union threw in another million to relief efforts. That’s a total of $3 million. Even with this, Durant didn’t stop there.

On May 23rd, Durant tweeted

“Reached out to my @Nike fam to see if they could help Oklahoma. They’re in.”.

Durant got Nike, his biggest sponsor, to donate another million dollars in apparel to relief efforts as well as donate profits from the sales of the elite version of Durant’s KD V basketball shoe that were sold online between May 23rd and June 15th.

Durant recognized a need and took care of it himself. Not only financially but also personally spending time touring the areas affected and interacting with victims. He made a positive impact that these people will never forget.


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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