Kenny Britt Prepares For His First Super Bowl

The New England Patriots are hated and loved by many. People love the fact that they are winners but there are some that hate how it seems to get done, in their eyes.  You cannot take away the fact that there are many on the team that have been here and done this before when it comes to Super Bowl. So with that being said, you have to wonder what the new guys making their first Super Bowl appearances are feeling.

New England Patriots wide receiver Kenny Britt started the season playing for the Cleveland Browns, after signing a new contract. Unfortunately for him, like many other splash free agents that have gone there, things did not work out. Britt was cut by the Browns during the season and some wondered where he would land. Well, he just so happened to catch the eye of what many consider the best team in the NFL and the Patriots signed him to a two-year deal. From that signing to now, Britt is now in position to play in the first Super Bowl of his nine-year career.

“I am excited and emotional,” said Britt of his first Super Bowl appearance. “Trying not to get overexcited.”

While Britt is excited, he knows that he cannot get too excited before the game, as that can tire you out before you even get going into the game. One thing he has done is made sure to notice the things that are going on around him with this teammates that have been here before.

“The details of everything that we do,” said Britt. “Everything matters to us. I’m just trying to follow their footsteps.”

Britt probably never imagined he would be in this position to start the season, but now the former Titan, Ram, and Brown has a chance to be called a Super Bowl champion, as do others that are appearing in their first Super Bowl.  The experience of the team is helping those that have never been here get prepared for the biggest game of their football careers.

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