Kelly – Tight End, Author and Chef

Reggie Kelly is not only a great Tight End, but he’s also a chef and author.  This Mississippi State University stand-out was drafted in ’99 by the Falcons in the 2nd round, and started for 3 seasons.  He signed with the Bengals in 2003 and spent the next 8 seasons there, before resigning with Atlanta in 2011.

In Cincinnati, Kelly’s teammates and friends nicknamed him “Rev”, because of his spiritual wisdom, rooted from studying the Word of God.  Revealing life lessons on and off the field, Reggie addresses the question in his book entitled “Prepared” that many ponder, “If God wants us all to be with him in Heaven, why did he put us on earth first?”

Reggie states, “We were born into this world first for the same reason every player in the NFL starts his career tossing a pigskin in his own backyard: Whether it’s the gates of Heaven or the goalposts of the Super Bowl, we are not worthy, nor ready to stand before either until we are first prepared.”  This thought provoking novel is a must read, and can be purchased at and on

No stranger to the kitchen, Reggie developed culinary skills from childhood growing up in Aberdeen, Mississippi.  His love for cooking led to the creation of the Kyvan line of salsas, seasonings and sauces that he and his wife Sheila developed.  Named after the combination of Reggie & Sheila’s children’s names of Kyla and Kavan, Kyvan hits Walmart shelves in Atlanta, South Carolina, & Kentucky starting January 16th, 2012. You can also purchase on and view other stores that carry Kyvan.  Also visit his fanpage

They say behind every great man, stands a great woman, but Sheila stands right beside her man.  As founder of the Wives Group, Sheila created a private social media safe haven to bring all NFL Players’ Wives together in a Christian community on the networking platform called Ning.  I call it the Facebook for NFL Wives, which is not only genius in its creation, but such a useful resource for wives to meet the other wives of their husbands’ teammates online.  Before the ladies relocate to a new team, they can receive useful info for team doctors, school systems, babysitting, real estate agents, etc. from other wives whom have lived in that city.

Sheila’s desire to create this unique site is part of the same passion Reggie and she share for serving on the board of Pro Athletes Outreach, which is an annual Christian Conference for NFL, NBA, & MLB players, coaches and their significant others attend to build and renew their faith.

Firmly believing in giving back to the community, Reggie & Sheila have donated generously to the United Way and to the tornado victims in their hometown in Mississippi.  They’ve even chartered a bus for their high school’s football team last year to come see Reggie play for the Falcons.

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