Josh Gordon Adds Depth for the Seahawks

Seattle- The Seattle Seahawks put their eggs in the Josh Gordon basket and claimed him off of waivers to be a member of their dynamic receiving core. Gordon has had a history of making wrong decisions and putting his career in harm’s way. Gordon has said that he wanted to play for Pete Carroll and has felt the city of Seattle is where he can have a fresh start. “I’ve said it a million times to you guys: We’re always looking for guys that have something special about them,” Carroll said via ESPN. “We need to find out, so we’ll take a look next week and see what that means.”

Josh Gordon

Gordon will be adding more flash and physicality to the Seahawks, playing aside Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf. Each of these players have a great sense of awareness when they are on the field and can exploit holes in zone defense. In Gordon’s career, he has 240 receiving yards for 4,113 yards and 20 touchdowns. He also has an average of 17.1 yards a catch. If Gordon can stay healthy and focused, the Seahawks have a legitimate shot at competing in postseason play.

Seahawks cornerback, Jamar Taylor, who was teammates with Gordon in Cleveland, had nothing but praise for Seattle’s new edition. “He was a good friend of mine, good teammate,” Taylor said via ESPN. “I never had a problem with him. Competed like crazy at practice with him. He’s big, fast, strong, can high-point the ball. He’s everything you want in a wide receiver. I think he’ll be good for our wide receiver room. He’ll learn some things from [Lockett], he’ll learn some things from Jaron Brown and all those guys, and again, it’s somebody that can help out Metcalf. You’ve got a big guy like that, they’re both similar. He can teach him how he catches the ball and releases and all stuff like that. So I think he’ll bring up everybody’s game.”

Russell Wilson is having an MVP type of season with 2,127 yards, 17 touchdowns, 1 interception and he has an 115.5 QB rating. If Gordon and Wilson can get on the same page, there will be a lot of chatter around the league about this duo.

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