John Johnson: From Choppa Style to Focus on the Big Game

Many remember the pass interference call that was missed when the Saints went on to lose against the Rams in the NFC Championship game, but they seem to forget the game was far from over. If it wasn’t for the pressure of outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr., John Johnson III may not have gotten the interception that led to the game-winning field goal. After the game-changing interception came a dance that left many wondering about the meaning behind the celebration.  In catching up with Johnson III, he finally spilled the beans about where the motorcycle-themed dance came from and who inspired it.

John Johnson motorcylce dance

“That dance was what Teddy Bridgewater brought to the Saints and I just wanted to hit them with a little some of their own medicine,” said Johnson III.

Other than being known for doing that dance, which is called the “Choppa Style”, Johnson is looking to be known as a Super Bowl champion and he knows how much that would mean to the city of Los Angeles.  “The city of LA not having a team for so long. We are still getting our fanbase back. You can tell they that. Just bringing a championship back to LA. The team that drafted me. The team that invested in me. It would bring the world to me.”

Knowing that he is one of the young, unheralded members of their secondary and that this is his first time in the big game, Johnson III has looked to veterans like Aqib Talib for advice. “He told me the margin for error is smaller than what it is in a regular game, especially with a team like the Patriots that capitalizes on other teams’ mistakes.

Johnson III may be a young guy, but he seems intent on wanting to bring the Rams their first title in Los Angeles because of what it would mean for him and the team.


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