Joejuan Williams: From the 615 to the NFL

Joejuan Williams finally heard his name called in the NFL Draft. The New England Patriots selected the almost 6’4″ cornerback with the 45th overall selection, plucking the former Vanderbilt defensive back with a second-round pick. The look on Williams’ face was joy as he was able to walk on that stage, but there was even more meaning behind the moment for Williams, being that he was born and raised here in Nashville, Tennessee.

“It’s definitely been special for me. Growing up here, elementary school, middle school, high school and college. It has definitely been a blessing. Seeing Broadway so packed and not having to go far, it was a blessing. ”

It was a big moment for Williams and he took this moment to shine a light on the 615, which is Middle Tennessee and Nashville specifically.

“One thing about Nashville and the one thing about Tennessee, the 615 is on the comeup and the players that are going to come out of Vanderbilt soon. The players that are going to come out of Nashville soon are definitely some people you have to watch out for.  A lot of people overlook the state and Nashville players but we’re definitely on the comeup.”

Williams is just one of many guys that are recently into the NFL that have come through Nashville, joining the likes of Jalen Ramsey and Derek Barnett, who both were Nashville area products. And as far as who he is and where he came from, Joejuan definitely credits where he went to college and how he grew up for shaping him into who he is today.

“Growing up it was just me and my mom and my brother. My granny and my uncle were great crutches for us, but we grew up project home to project home and that’s something that I look back on and I wouldn’t be the person I am without them. My mom made a lot of sacrifices for me..”

Williams is a super-talented player and will undoubtedly make an impact for the Patriots, but the biggest thing is that you can tell that how he grew up and what he has observed in his life shaped him into the man he is today and the hard-nosed, determined player he is going to be in the NFL.

(Photo fcoutesy of Michael Johnson)                                                                                                (photo courtesy of Michael Johnson)


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