Jameis Winston Hugged his Grandmother First for Good Reason

Two takeaways from meeting Jamison Winston from the NFLPA Rookie Premiere include his love for his family and his confidence in being born to play in the league.

Takeaway #1 – Winston hugged his grandmother first for good reason after being drafted first overall by Tampa. “I didn’t go to the draft, so I hugged my grandmother instead. I actually got a call from Mr. Goodell, but that was a blessing and I was thrilled to hear his voice and talk to him,” Winston said during the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston, QB Buccaneers PHOTO CREDIT: NFLPA/JeffLight

The number one pick’s eyes light up talking about his mother and grandmother. Many do not know the extent of how much the women in Winston’s life mean to him. “Oh man, my mom, she was my provider and everything. She’s a smart and beautiful lady, I love her. She was part of a big family, and her mother, my grandmother, was the one that raised me. During that time, my mom was always working hard. She actually went to school and got her degree. I’m just blessed to have a lady like that in my life.”

Takeaway #2- With all this support at home, adjusting to the NFL has been smooth thus far for Winston, “I feel like I am doing pretty good (in transitioning) because this is my dream. I feel like I was born for this. It’s a blessing to have this opportunity and I’m going to take advantage of it. I’m going to try to be everyone’s hero.”

Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston, QB Buccaneers PHOTO CREDIT: Emma Roll

Part of being everyone’s hero includes his new wide-out, Mike Evans. “He’s amazing. I had the privilege of playing with (Panthers receiver) Kelvin Benjamin at Florida State. He’s obviously a great deep threat and a great wide receiver. But Mike, man. They’re very similar. Mike is fast and explosive. He does so many great things. I have Vincent Jackson as well, so I’m blessed with receivers and players around me…and Louis Murphy and Austin Jenkins. I can rave about all our players. I’m just blessed to be in this situation.”

Theresa is the below paragraph part of the quote? It appears to be so let’s make sure we include it within the quotation marks.

Actions speak louder than words. You really can’t change your perception that fast. If I just met you, I can’t change your view on me if you thought good or bad about me. But what I can do is be myself. As long as I am being myself and true to the sport that I love and my family members, everything is going to turn around eventually.

Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston, QB Buccaneers PHOTO CREDIT: NFLPA/JeffLight
5 Things You Need to know about Jameis Winston:
1. Childhood or current nickname-  Jaboo
2. First thing on shopping list- I bought my grandma a lift chair. My dad’s mom. And it has a massage on it, too.
3. Celebrity crush- Keke Palmer and Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls.
4. Travel anywhere- Brazil
5. Player he doesn’t want to get sacked by- Gerald McCoy. He’s my teammate. I don’t want to get sacked by him because he’s so nice. If he sacked me, I’d probably get so mad. I’m like, “Bro, you’re too nice for this. Why are you sacking me?”

If the talented quarterbacks words ring true he will not only be a hero to his grandmother and mom, but also Bucs Nation. “Bucs fans, I’m bringing a lot of joy, a lot of Winston-s, and a lot of pride. And then I’m bringing a lot of touchdowns.. so we can fire them cannons down there.”


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