Jags Austen Lane Talks Fashion, Cooks Toast and “Seizes the Carp”

Pro Player Insider’s Theresa Villano was able to meet up with Jacksonville Jaguar Austin Lane at the Taste of the NFL. Lane spoke about his charity work with NFL Play 60, his favorite foods such as Lutefisk , and also his fashion style. This was Lane’s second year  attending event, as he helped raise awareness for hunger in the U.S.austen lane table

PPI: Austin please describe the outfit you are wearing today?

Lane: I decided to go with the casual, laid back look. The glasses are from Hot Topic, also I have on some creative recreation shoes, and a bow tie. I am going to go out on a limb and say I am the best dressed guy here by far.

PPI: Who do you think is the best dressed guy in the league right now?

Lane: I have to put myself in the top five for sure, Larry Fitzgerald dresses very nice I have seen him a couple times. To me style is all about not caring, today I put this outfit on without really thinking about it but it looks good anyways it really depends on how you rock it.

PPI: Not only do you look good Austin, but you are here for a really good cause tell me why you are really here?

Lane: Working at the taste of the NFL, this is my second season being involved. An NFL player represents every city. I am representing with the cook two, were are promoting awareness for hunger in the U.S. This is a very serious subject, millions of people are going to sleep hungry. What really hits home is the kids, I think sometimes we take food for granted. Just being here helping out, singing autographs, meeting all the fans. I am raising money for all these starving families, this is a really good cause to be involved with. There are a lot of great parties going on, but this is a party for a real purpose.

PPI: I cannot even think of what I am saying, because you stunned me. You just went from really goofy and switched to it something really amazing.

Lane: I really don’t have a foundation, but I am involved with NFL play 60. Last year for play 60 I played kickball with all the kids for 60 minutes. I think that it was more of an enjoyment for me than the kids. I was having a really good time, I might have hit a little kid in the face with a kickball but he is not going to sue me so I think I’m good there. I think it is really important to get involved, I remember being a little kid looking up to football players in the NFL. So anything I can do to give back, I’m definitely going to do.

PPI: So you’re a good guy, you got style, you can play ball, let’s talk about food! Are you a foodie?

Lane: I like to eat, I don’t know anybody who does not like to eat.

PPI: What is the last thing you have cooked in your kitchen?

Lane: Toast maybe, I can’t cook, I have been called a horrible cook. I specialize in toast, I can make some mean Gourmet Ramen.

PPI: What is your mom’s favorite recipe?

Lane: My mom can cook anything, she is a real big fan of the turkey. During Thanksgiving, mom hooks it up! Every once and a while I will help her out with the dishes, but that is all I am contributing during Thanksgiving.

austen lanePPI’s Fire Five with Austin Lane:

1. Favorite food of all time?


2. Favorite restaurant in Jacksonville?

Mr. Taco

3. When Austin Lane has the munchies he goes to the corner store and gets?

Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos

4. Hash tag to live by?

#Seize the Carp

5. If you were having your last meal of your life, who would cook it? And what would it be?

My grandma would cook, and the food would be Lutefisk. Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods), refuses to eat it. I am half Norwegian, and what it includes is cod that is soaked in lye. Lye is also found in hair products, so you soak it out in hair product solution, and then you wash it out. It is a delicacy in Norway, so I would do that because it would make my grandma happy.

PPI: Any last words to Jags fans out there?

Lane: What up Duval!! Thank you for all the support. We’re going to start bringing some wins home next season. Hit me up on twitter if you want (@A_Train_92).

For more information about NFL Play 60 visit there website: www.nflrush.com/play60/

Interview by Theresa Villano, Story by Collin Spriggs


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