It’s the Start of the Season and Guess Who’s Back?

Well, Well, Well, I sure have missed you. I know its been a while, but we can still be friends right? It’s almost like we needed a break, or maybe I just needed some space. You know it wasn’t you it was me, don’t blame yourself….. its about now, not the past….. I am back.

How was your off season? Mine? Crazy, I have since been featured on Food Network become a regular on a few TV shows, been in the NY Times, yet still I cannot get the taste of my beloved Steelers 8-8 season out of my mouth from last year. Starting this Sunday I may get the opportunity!


I was Lucky enough to get to go to Steelers training camp this past August, it was a great time.

photo(69)The funny thing about training camp, every team is ready to win the Superbowl. Seriously Browns fans it’s not gonna happen this year. The amount of injuries this past preseason is crazy, people breaking legs, tearing ligaments its unbelievable. Everyone has a theory, maybe its the new CBA, maybe its the workout regime, those are all good reasons, but I don’t think that is the case. The problem is…. not enough salmon in their lives.

Never fear I am here to save the day check out this awesome easy salmon in a pouch to ease us back in for the season, it will get harder I promise.


Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @chef_plum and leave a comment can’t wait to make some great foods this season and rant on pro players, and of course …GO STEELERS!

coach tomlin


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