Irsay Apologizes for Colts “Titanic Collapse”

The Indianapolis Colts were blown out on Sunday night by an astonishing score of 62-7 by the New Orleans Saints.  Owner Jim Irsay apologized to fans via Twitter late in the evening, “Titanic collapse,apologies 2 all ColtsNation..problems identifiable;solutions in progress but complex in nature/ better days will rise again”

Of course, that came after Tweeting on Sunday morning, “Predict Colts SHOCKING upset.”  The result was shocking, but not in the way Irsay was predicting.

Drew Brees and the Saints offense was unstoppable as they racked up 62 points, tying the most points in any game since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

Brees was a near-perfect 31 of 35 for 325 yards and 5 TDs.  The Saints also racked up 236 yards rushing, averaging 6.2 yards per carry.

We all appreciate how much Peyton Manning meant to the Colts, but last time I checked, he didn’t play defense.  Then again, apparently neither do the Colts.  They’ve given up a league-worst 225 points this season.

What Irsay is referring to as “solutions in progress but complex in nature” is anybody’s guess.  Could he be referring to their long term plan of going 0-16 and getting the top pick in the draft to acquire Andrew Luck as a worthy successor to Peyton Manning?

That may be an overly Machiavellian interpretation, but stay tuned to see how this little drama plays out.

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