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The Gold Carpet has been rolled up and tucked away until next year. The 2015 class of draftees have learned their fates, and have moved on to their new lives as part of the NFL. We wish them great success! While their athletic prowess and world-class ability is without question, let us pause and reflect on their off the field style by highlighting gold carpet looks we loved.

As a firm believer style analysis is best left to fashion industry experts, I’ve enlisted professional Stylist and instructor at The Art Institute Austin, Michelle Washington to give us her thoughts on the 2015 Draft Gold Carpet looks. Take it from here, Michelle!

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As you know, men’s fashion has become very important in America. Athletes especially, are forced to step up their personal “style game” to match their on-field skills. As such, professional athletes have become “bona fide” style icons in men’s fashion. Aside from showing up to all of the must-be-seen fashion events like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the Met Gala, designer fashion brands are involved in the closets of an athlete’s off-the-field look more than ever.

Athletes that may have been lackadaisical about their style must now brush up on the art of dressing. Enter this year’s NFL draft picks, men who now have multiple spotlights on them; including men’s fashion editors of the world.

Here’s a look at who wore it best starting with Landon Collins.

Landon Collins, Safety, NY Giants and his mother
Rookie safety, Landon Collins, NY Giants and his mother

Landon clearly has respect for the classics. His decision to wear an elegant, dark, 3-piece suit with wide check frame and a double-breasted vest is an outstanding choice for his build. The cutaway dress shirt collar and burgundy pocket square with matching tie is impeccable. Grade: A+

Cedric Ogbuehi
Rookie offensive tackle, Cedric Ogbuehi, Cincinnati Bengals and his mother

Cedric Ogbuehi: He’s a good looking man in a good looking suit. Not only is the slate-blue a great color, it looks professional. Cedric took it ‘all the way’ from a style perspective. His plaid tie adds personality…well done, young man! Grade: A

NFL: APR 30 National Football League Draft - Gold Carpet
Rookie wide receiver, Devin Smith, NY Jets and his mother

Devin Smith is clean! His decision to carry the solid, periwinkle-blue straight down to the shoes is a nice touch. The basic white dress shirt brings emphasis to the suit color. The small lapel and narrow tie is an equally smart choice. His blue shoes speak to a signature style that says a lot about him. The only detractor I can find is in terms of fit. The shoulder caps show a bit of “muffin cap”, instead of a smooth lay of fabric – but over all, a solid style effort and nice look. Grade: B+

NFL: APR 30 National Football League Draft - Gold Carpet
Rookie running back, Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers and his mother

Melvin Gordon: Melvin’s look illustrates a good use of color tones. I enjoy that he paired the cool, blue jacket with purple accents. Unfortunately, his suit suffers from poor fit, specifically the jacket which is too small. Note the “fabric stress star” action on the front button. It’s great to have muscles and want to show them off, but not through the sleeves of a tailored suit. The solution is proper fit. Grade: B-

For their next public appearances, the 2015 class of rookies might consider a few of these Classic-to-New Trends.

Patterned Suits: Bold checks, over-sized plaids and patterns aren’t for everyone. For those who can handle it, pair with simple, solid underpinnings, so the suit can take center stage. (Image courtesy/Photo 1 & 1B: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury)

Image courtesy/Photo 1 & 1B: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury

NFL~Draft1B - Patterned Suit

Blue Suits: Medium, bright, baby, indigo, and yes, even denim are part of the equation. The trick here is that there really isn’t any trick at all. These hues work like their neutral navy predecessor and pair with practically anything. (Image courtesy/Photo 2: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury)

NFL~Draft2 - Blue SuitsBespoken: Elegance, quality and crafted style are always in no matter if you are old-school or new-school. (Image courtesy/Photo 3: M. Andrews Sartorial Luxury)

NFL~Draft3 - Bespoke Suit

Sneakers: Oh, and remember that ‘sneakers with suits thing’ from a few years ago? Well, that’s back too. More than ever, guys are wearing suits because they want to, not because they have to, which makes the options for blending limitless. (Image courtesy/Photo 4: and

NFL~Draft4 - Gold Carpet StyleYou don’t have to be an NFL Draft pick to be a “Fashionisto”. If you’re looking to add a little flare to your own personal style, one sure way is to choose great accessories such as colorful pocket squares, cufflinks and ties…”the devil is in the details”. For some inspiration visit: Soto & Co. Ties & Accessories: and Lionsthread Bow Ties & Pocket Squares:

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