Cardinals P2 Peterson Talks Teammates

 Patrick Peterson By: Mike Yduarte


All Bird gang fans know that part of the Cardinals winning equation is “ Patrick + Peterson = P2 Nation,” This P2 phenomenon was named to the Pro Bowl for the third straight year; the third-year cornerback was named a first-team All-Pro by The Associated Press. It’s the first such honor for Peterson at cornerback. He was named to the AP All-Pro first team as a kick returner in 2011. 

Peterson’s numbers were down across the board his 2013 season, primarily because of offenses staying away from him. Peterson had 40 solo tackles, the lowest by far of his career, and had just three interceptions. He also recovered two fumbles.

Pro Player Insiders caught up with Peterson during Super Bowl Week. 


PPI: The Cardinals had an amazing year, what could we look forward to from you guys this season?

Peterson: Getting better then what we were last year. You know that’s obviously you need to win more games to get into the playoffs then a 10 win season. Obviously want it enough to get in the dance. I think we got all the tools it takes to get into the play offs and get into the run. So hopefully we come out here the seasons to get better and better to win. That’s one goal no question.

PPI: A few team questions, I know you guys are all tight. Who’s the team clown?

Peterson: The team clown? Ummm Darnell Docket

PPI: Spiritual leader?

Peterson: Spiritual leader? I’d have to say myself and Carlos Dansby.

PPI: The hype man? In the locker room in the huddle.

Peterson: Darnell Dockett

PPI: And lastly, who has the best style, swag fashion.

Peterson: You’re looking at him.

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Trish Scott Contributed to this story.

Photo By: Trish Scott

Graphic Photo by: Mike Yduarte

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