Houston Texans Draft Pick Options

The Houston Texans are not only a year, but probably about 14 games from being labeled as a Superbowl contending team in the AFC. However, 14 games later the Texans have not won a game and are now atop the NFL draft clock, sitting at #1. There are numerous factors that contributed to the downfall of the team, but most of it will fall on the shoulders of their QBs, mostly Matt Schaub, who was just sent to the Oakland Raiders for a low, 3rd day, draft pick. While he isn’t all to blame, it’s part of the job as the QB is the one who will always get the most praise, but when things go wrong, he will always take the brunt of the blame. The following are 5 guys that I have heard for the Texans #1 picks overall:

Rays (pclarke v1)Johnny Manziel – The man known by millions as “Johnny Football”, is probably the pick if it was up to owner Bob McNair. In my opinion, Manziel is the type of player that will have his certain fans that will root for him no matter what, especially in Texas. He will also be exciting at times, but he’s also the type that could set a franchise back 5 years. He has a lot to prove with his maturity, and not only his lack of height, but lack of size is not exactly what you want to look for in a franchise QB. Yes, there are players like Drew Brees, but how many Drew Brees’ can you find?

Sammy Watkins – This is the pick by Mike Mayock of NFL Network, as well as mentioned by players like Merrill Hoge of ESPN. Don’t get me wrong, I think Watkins is the best WR in the draft, but he still is not a precise route runner and 30% of his catches came off screens. I would not in any way choose him #1 overall, but with people like Mayock and Hoge being big fans of him, I have to at least mention him.

Jadeveon Clowney – For those who are not mocking a QB to Houston, Clowney is the popular pick because of the fascination of pairing Clowney with current NFL All Pro JJ Watt. He is probably the most physically dominant defensive player to come out in the last 5 years. However, his motor is highly questioned. I agree that if a QB wasn’t taken, I would take him, but for this Houston team, I think they need to get a QB.

Teddy Bridgewater – For the entire year, Bridgewater was looked at as the best QB in college football, but as the season goes on, and the magnifying glass is on you, issues with his size have made a Bridgewater pick now questionable. It has been said he ended the year around 185 lbs, he got himself up to 214 lbs at the combine, but went right back down to 208 by his pro day. He must get up around 220 and stay there to withstand the season long punishment a QB must endure.

Blake Bortles – Now here is the player I recommend for the Texans. Bortles has the size, arm strength, and leadership qualities of a true franchise QB. He was an unquestioned leader at UCF, he was impressive at the combine and his Pro Day, and he has big athletic ability, as he was a former TE. His size reminds a lot of people of Big Ben, but he must work a little on his footwork and he has to strengthen his base in the pocket, which is what makes Big Ben so hard to bring down.

For the Texans its already been an interesting offseason and that will continue as we get closer and through the draft. I felt former Head Coach Gary Kubiak was 1 of their biggest issues. He is now gone and the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. On the field, the Texans have fewer needs than an average 2-14 team and they can turn things around pretty quickly. A team can either ruin their franchise for 3-5 years or make their franchise for 10-15 years with the right pick. The Texans will be hoping to cash in on and move back into the Superbowl contending team that they were look as before, on May 8th, we find out.

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