Holiday Style Guide For NFL Superfans With Stylist Dex Rob

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holidays bring out the best in us, but for some it can bring out our worst fashion sense. No fear, I held stylist Dex Robinson hostage to get you through the holidays in style!

Known for styling NFL stars such as seasoned vet Tyrod Taylor of the Baltimore Ravens to new comers like Davier Posey of the Houston Texans Dex was the perfect go to holiday style guide. Dex and I not only get you ready for your next holiday soiree but also found out what to give the NFL lover on your list for Christmas, because Santa has his hands full.


PPI: What are some gift ideas for todays die hard NFL fan?

Dex Rob: If they’ve been following a team for years then they probably have collected every team Snuggie, jersey and blanket imaginable. Get creative and start early, if they’ve never seen their favorite team in person, look for individual game tickets season ticket holders may want to unload. If the fan in your life has a favorite player that fingers crossed is styled by me whose look they like, get inspired and use this as an opportunity to give their wardrobe a tune up. Your gift doesn’t need a team logo; the best gifts are those given genuinely and the appreciation shown afterward is the only logo needed.

PPI: Now have you had any requests from your clients on what the hottest gifts are this year?

DR: I don’t get asked very often about gift giving, however if asked for my input I definitely would. The hottest gift right now though I must truly say is time, it’s the one thing I think none us truly have enough of. Gifts that can create more time for someone to focus on the things that they’re passionate about be it laundry service or even the NFL mobile app so they never miss a game.

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PPI: What are some trends in men’s fashion that will get guys through the season of holiday parties so they don’t resort to ugly sweaters?

DR: There are a lot of great things going on in men’s fashion right now and the sky’s the limit for men to cultivate their individual style. As men we are competitive by nature even when it comes to fashion though most of us don’t like to admit it (we both laugh hysterically) and putting more time and effort into their looks. But looks that are transitional that can take you from desk to dinner are great for the holiday season. For a casual affair go from Cole Haan loafers to a Jack Purcell sneaker to add a bit of edge to your standard blazer and chino look or reverse the look if going to your office Christmas party. Meeting your significant others family for the first time, you can still be yourself in a bomber or varsity jacket anchored with a great work boot like the ones from PRSVR and Levi’s jeans. Keep it simple, clean, and classic is the go to formula for holiday fashion, just don’t give in to ugly sweaters or sweat pants…..

Justin Forsett by D Robinson D Robinson 5

PPI: This is why I love being a woman; we just have the endless journey of finding the perfect dress! What are some go to brands that men can incorporate into their wardrobe this holiday season and beyond?

DR: There are actually quite a few and you don’t have to break your wallet to look good. A new favorite of mine is Del Toro shoes, they are amazing; the collection ranges from boat shoes to sneakers. You can add a shoe from their collection to any look; they truly have a shoe for every lifestyle. Another brand that definitely caught my eye this year was Control Sector. Think Alexander Wang meets Public School but you can still afford to eat at the end of the week. They are a street wear brand that has found a way to add a sophisticated flair to modern menswear, the cut of their clothes and unique pattern play have put them ahead of the fashion game.


PPI: You obviously will be on Santa’s nice list this year, what was in your letter to Saint Nick?

DR: Fingers crossed I made his list! Honestly though it’s hard for me to accept gifts; most assume that I want a fashion related gift but I am not always happy with everyone’s fashion choices, play it safe and get me a gift card. What I really want is about a week off to spend with my family down in Virginia and just have some true quality time with them over the holidays.

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PPI: 2015 is just around the corner, what’s next for Dex Rob?

DR: I started my company a little over a year ago with styling athletes; in 2015 Dex Rob is going to the next level. Creating partnerships and brand equity for athletes outside of the respective sports in the fashion space and beyond. Developing grass roots marketing campaigns to media management, we will be building that second life for them outside of their sport.

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PPI: Lastly, on game day how can we spot a Dex Rob client walking through the tunnel?

DR: My signature style is actually an organic look. I don’t just put my clients on clothes, I go them learn about who they are and where they are in not only their careers but in their lives as a whole. I become their fashion sensei, showing them how to wear styles they normally wouldn’t have picked for themselves and showing them how to make it work for their lifestyle. It’s important to not just dress your client but assist them in cultivating their own sense of style, once that’s accomplished I can move on. When you see that player walking through the tunnel who looks comfortable and fashion forward, he’s probably a Dex Rob client.

MrOaktown55 Tyrod Taylor Ravens

Looking to update your fashion game in the New Year follow Dex Rob for more inspiration.




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