From the Gridiron to the Runway: NFL Athletes Making Plays in the World of Fashion

From Tom Brady to Russell Westbrook today’s athletes continue to make power plays off the field and court with their sense of style. Some use professional Fashion Stylists such as June Ambrose and Brandon Wills, then some have as much fashion sense as they do talent in the prospective sport.

Let’s take a moment to take a look at some of the NFL’s best dressed of 2013 and their fashion journey’s. Rock Ave First up, Malcolm Jenkins of the New Orleans Saints, on the field he’s a hard hitting Safety. Off the field, the always dapper Jenkins is also the founder of Rock Avenue Bow Ties.

Rock Avenue Bow Ties, is named after the street he grew up on, Jenkins creates luxury bow ties and pocket squares for today’s effortlessly fashion forward man. In the beginning of his fashion journey, he took a trip to New York’s Fashion District where he got a crash course in the vast variety of fabrics that would create the perfect bow tie and pocket square.

Armed with hand picked fabrics ranging from silk to Ostrich and an enthusiasm for self expression through fashion, each piece hand made in New Orleans, Louisiana is as unique as the man who wears it. To incorporate Rock Avenue Bow Ties into your wardrobe find them online at and support Jenkins along with his team throughout the 2014 NFL playoffs.

Next up is Justin Pugh, who is no stranger to the PPI family, the New York Giants rookie lineman is an All-American guy with an All-American approach to fashion. Hailing from Pennsylvania there are no pretentions to Pugh, he’s a lover of Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s, but also Elevee and La Coste.

But what makes Justin so lovable is his attention to detail such as grooming, the newest pitch man for Conair’s 2 In One Blade Trimmer; Justin went from Grizzly Adams to Don Juan in record timing. He’s a “guy’s guy” whose budding sense of fashion is refreshing and one that fans can relate to his career continues to steadily climb. Keep a close eye on Justin Pugh and his style as he continues to make his mark on the world. Conair-Justin-Pugh-580x322 Victor Cruz Many athletes collaborate with major brands such as Donovan McNabb with Reebok or his successor Michael Vick who at one time was set to start V7. However, not much ever materialized from these ventures.

However,  Superbowl Champion NY Giants WR Victor Cruz along with former teammate and current Chicago Bear Nate Collins founded Young Whales.

Young Whales, which came about when the two athletes faced the reality of possible unemployment due to the 2010 NFL lockout, pooled together some of their money and launched a line of affordable t-shirts and snapbacks ranging from $28-$59 dollars. Young Whales is slowly giving big name/over priced designers a run for their money. whales dt.common.streams.StreamServer

Some create clothing lines while others bring their fashion journeys full circle, opening boutiques in their home towns creating a whole new world to those who have supported them from the start like Kansas City Chief’s DB Dunta Robinson.

In 2013, he opened Pick Six Kicks in his hometown of Athens, GA. Since racking up 6 picks in his rookie year with the Houston Texans, the name was a perfect fit. After stints in Houston, Atlanta, and now in Kansas City, Robinson has developed a sense of street style that is reflective all of the cities he has played in during his career.

Robinson may only be a silent partner, but his sense of style is clearly reflected throughout the boutique. Opened in September 2013 with childhood friend/business partner Terrence Jones, Pick Six Kicks is a haven for urban street wear from limited edition Puma sneakers to emerging streetwear line CLASZI. The store is located in the heart of “Classic City”, give them a visit and update your off duty wardrobe. 644326_151150008428511_359214555_n Now for an athlete who not only has a flair for style but also wants others to fulfill their fashion dreams, Brad Smith currently signed to the Philadelphia Eagles is doing just that.

During New York Fashion Week in early 2013 while with the Buffalo Bills, Smith began his tenure as a fashion intern with Men’s Health Magazine learning the ins and outs of the ever exclusive world of fashion. After gaining behind the scenes experience from his time as an intern, Smith’s role at Men’s Health expanded to Correspondent, covering the 2013 ESPY Award’s.

bradsmithIn December 2013, he announced “Design for Brad Smith” a competition that commenced in January 2014 and will run all month long to give an aspiring designer the chance at not only styling him in a custom 3-piece red carpet look but also a prize package worth $20k.

Emerging designers have now been given a chance to show off their talents to the world, during NYFW in February 2014. With the tides of fashion forever going up and down along with athletes looking for ways to establish their brands after they leave the field the world of fashion is wide open for them to start the next chapter of their lives.

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