Principle of the Matter

It’s the principle of the matter!  How many times have we heard or said that?  I thought about this saying as I was driving home from my kid’s school this morning.  I heard my middle sister say it when she was trying to explain why she felt like she was due an apology from someone.  Those familiar words of justice & entitlement rang out through the car as she was talking.  She had a point.  She was absolutely due an apology based off of principle.  The bible is full of principles we should all live by.  Yet we ignore them on a minute by minute basis.  Pray for those who use you, tithe, and study your bible.  Those are all principles that the bible says we should follow to help make us better representatives of Him.  Many of us live to see another day, breathe another breath, and choose to skip living out those principles.  Yet, his grace & mercy continue to overflow as the hours pass by.  The most glaring thought I had was what if God removed His grace & mercy because it was the principle of the matter?  I believe we should be convinced to live by HIs principles simply because His faithfulness is ever present despite our continuous neglect to follow them. When we are confronted with situations where principle should reign supreme, it is often in those times that God is after our heart response & not necessarily for us to receive justice.  So the next time you think about upholding the principle of the matter, how about extending the grace of the matter and let it go!

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