Florida TE Lawrence Burton Against All Odds

The University of Florida recruited Lawrence Burton during the Urban Meyer regime to play quarterback; however that plan was derailed during Burton’s freshman year. With his desire not to redshirt and Meyer wanting to get him on the field as soon as possible Burton began to take on more of a role as a wildcat quarterback and he also played some tight end and fullback.

Burton mentioned Miami Dolphins tight end Charles Clay as a guy he patterns his game after. When it was brought to Burton’s attention that Clay had a 1,000 yard rushing season in college he stated; “I can do anything on the football field. You need me to throw a 7 step comeback, I’ll do it. You need me to rush for 1,000 yards I’ll do it. You need me to run routes, I can do that too.”

His supreme confidence made everyone within earshot take notice. He wasn’t cocky, nor was he arrogant; he was merely a believer in his own ability, which was very refreshing.  Burton went on to explain where his confidence comes from saying; “My confidence comes from my faith. I’m excited for things in life and appreciate things in life genuinely. I’m not going to give you any bull crap. I’m really excited to be here and I’m blessed and I’m thankful for it.”

Burton has overcome many obstacles in his life and one of those is coming from a single parent home.  While the absence of a father derails many young men it has not interfered with the man Burton aspires to be, and that’s a man of God. Thankfully he had great male influences in his life such as his grandfather and his high school coaches.  His father not being around fueled his desire to be everything as a father that he never had. He was recently blessed with a daughter of his own when his wife Yesenia Burton gave birth to Ariella Skye Burton.

While he admits it’s been challenging getting married and starting a new family amidst the entire NFL draft process, he’s well equipped to carry the load. Coming from a single parent home to playing multiple positions outside of what he played in high school and playing them well at Florida, starting a family in college and now position confusion again upon his entrance to the NFL. While they aren’t insurmountable odds, it can certainly be frustrating, but if anyone is capable of beating the odds, my money is on Lawrence Burton.


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