Fitzpatrick Contract Extension Getting Closer

The Buffalo Bills are continuing to work on a new, long-term contract for quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who seized the reigns of the Buffalo offense last year, and who is having a breakout year this year.

Reports are coming in from NFL Network that Fitzpatrick’s deal is expected to average around $10 million per year, and ESPN is reporting in the range of $9 to $12 million.  This is a reasonable range for Fitzpatrick, who isn’t at the Brady / Manning / Brees level, but has emerged as a very solid “second-tier” quarterback.

Fitzpatrick is averaging 246 yards per game, and has 12 TDs to 6 INTs over six games, leading the Bills to a 4-2 record and second place in the AFC East.  He is currently 7th in the league in quarterback efficiency, ahead of quarterbacks like Roethlisberger, Vick, Cassel, Rivers, and Sanchez.

Fitzpatrick deserves solid, second-tier money suitable of a top 10 quarterback, and it looks like that’s what he’s going to get.

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