First International NFL Cheerleading Auditions hosted by Miami Dolphins

Every year the NFL continues to top itself.  As the Big Game passed just a few short weeks ago, we learned that this year’s Super Bowl was the most-watched American television broadcast of the year, continually breaking records for audience views five out of the past six years, dating back to 2010.  With popularity continuing to grow, the NFL’s Miami Dolphins are taking another step to break into the international arena.  They will be the first NFL squad to host international cheerleading tryouts in four different global arenas with the fifth and final destination landing in their host city of Miami.

MiamiIf you have ever visited Miami, you know it’s an attractive melting pot of culture, with more than 30% of the population holding origins from Cuba, Central America, South America and more Latin American and Hispanic descents.  Dorie Grogan, the Senior Director of Entertainment and Brand Impact for the Miami Dolphins, share why  taking tryouts to the international level is an exciting new venture.  She says, “Miami is the gateway to Latin America and the Dolphins Cheerleaders are one of the most international cheerleading squads in the NFL.  We see this as the next step in creating a true international squad.  We decided to start small and host the auditions in four locations in 2016 with the idea to expand in future years pending the success of this launch.”  The Dolphins will hold their five auditions starting March 3, 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, continuing on to Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mexico City, Mexico, Bogota, Colombia and finishing in Miami, Florida on April 23rd.


Many dream that they will one day be a part of the elite, the NFL.  That fantasy encompasses dreams of playing downs on the field, coaching on the sidelines, providing the medical care or running the numbers in the box offices.  And we definitely can’t forget the ones interacting with the fans bringing the game alive, the cheerleaders.   NFL cheerleaders come from all over, trying out year after year, pushing themselves to the limit to be the next chosen ambassador for that prospective team.   The Dolphins, Grogan states, “have cheerleaders on the team this year that represent many countries and cultures.”  Going international for tryouts “is not only an opportunity to promote American football in these countries, but an opportunity to expand the reach of American cheerleading.  Cheerleaders are an iconic part of the NFL and are great ambassadors for the brand,” Grogan explains.940x500BannerMiamiDolphins


The tryout process will be consistent with the Dolphins traditional round one auditions, held in Miami, but with slight variations.  The contestants will have the opportunity to learn the dance routine online prior to auditions, taught by Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Choreographer, Brooke Nix.  Grogan explains the tryout process more in-depth: “All candidates should wear dance attire for [the first round]… of the audition.  If they are selected to continue on, they will be invited to return the next day for the interview round.  Day 2 [will consist of] interviews; candidates should wear professional attire for the interview round.  Ladies will perform in groups of five and be judged on poise, personality and dance ability.   If they make it past the round of auditions in their country, they will be invited to the final round in South Florida on May 1 to compete with the candidates from the other four locations alongside the returning cheerleaders.  We are looking for talented, dynamic women who have a love for dance and people.  They should have outgoing and engaging personalities.”

Dolphins Cheerleader

The Dolphins are truly expanding the reach of the NFL.  This is not only a great move on the franchise’s part, but a powerful way to promote women.  This experience gives women a chance to possibly learn a new language, a new culture, grow in their experiences and dive in with the community to give back through outreach projects.  Grogan says  not all candidates may be bilingual, but, “we hope that candidates are willing to learn if they are not able to speak English on audition day.  We have many cheerleaders on our team who are bilingual and will be able to assist in the transition.”  This is such an influential move on the Dolphins part; an interchange of cultures to magnify networks internationally.


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