Off The Field Wives Take it to Houston


As many know Off The Field Players’ Wives Association and Pro Player Insiders have teamed up to honor the woman behind the players we follow on the field.  PPI with the assistance of Ericka Lassiter (OTFWPA president) honor them in a regular feature called OTFPWA Woman of the Month. This bi monthly column showcases current and former players’ wives that have impacted the communities in which they live. Some of the honored wives to date include: Melanie Ismail, LaToyia Mays, Chanita Foster, Mioshi Johnson, Meesha Jones, Dawn Nuefeld, Romanda Jordan and Tiffany Bowen.

Off the Field regularly hosts learning series for these wives to support each other’s efforts. This month, PPI insider and OFTPWA Board of Director, Tammara McDonald, chaired a Lunch and Learn Series in Houston, TX. Strasburger and Price LLP was the Lunch and Learn Event Sponsor.

McDonald explains, “The Goal of this series was to educate, inform, and empower the spouses of professional athletes on basics of small business formation, franchising and nonprofit organizations for themselves and their families. OTFPWA’s Lunch and Learn series is a quarterly luncheon dedicated to educating OTF members on a diverse list of topics, while giving members an opportunity to network with other members in their city.  Some topics include nonprofit management, Small Business Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Relationship Sustainability.”

Football fans and NFL cities alike are now starting to see the positive impacts and efforts the women off the field are doing for the betterment of their communities.

Photographs provided by: Andre Kelly  and Tammara McDonald

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