Faith And Football in a Big Way

Celebrating 15 years of inspiration through “faith and football”, the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration rolled into the Big Apple in a big way.

Hosted by hometown favorites AJ Calloway and Wendy Williams, the celebration of music included performances by legendary artist Patti La Belle, Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Tamela Mann, American Idol winner Candice Glover and many more who uplift the spirits of many through their gift of song.

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Patti LaBelle at Super Bowl Gospel Celebration

Featuring a performance by the NFL Players Choir, which is the ONLY all NFL Players choir in the world! The choir made its debut in 2008 in Phoenix, AZ, Super Bowl XLII, with more than 40 NFL players under the direction of Grammy Award-winning gospel artist Donnie McClurkin. Choir members are both active and former NFL players and have included Super Bowl Champions, Pro-Bowlers, Hall of Famers, All-Pros, team MVPs, and even a Heisman Trophy Winner.


This year’s show was hosted by the dynamic hometown duo of daytime talk show host Wendy Williams and television personality AJ Calloway. I snatched up AJ Calloway on the red carpet and talked shop about everything from his favorite team to his favorite inspirational quote.

PPI: How do you handle hosting with a personality as big as Wendy Williams?

AC: This is nothing, Wendy and I have hosted events together before so I can definitely handle it, she’s family.

PPI: Being from the tri-state area who is your team?

AC: I’m a Giants fan all the way, win or lose.

PPI: What are the top 3 inspirational quotes that you live by?

AC: It’s difficult to pick a top 3, so many come to mind that have gotten me through many situations in life. My faith is my foundation

PPI: Who are you looking forward to seeing perform tonight?

AC: Everyone performing tonight is a great talent, there is supposed to be a surprise performance so I am looking forward to who that might be.

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Candice Glover, winner of American Idol: Season 12 was ready to sing and give the audience the jolt of hope it yearned for.  Before she prepped to wow the audience the singer took the time to bring me up to speed on her life since winning American Idol: Season 12

Candice Glover

PPI: Candice, how has changed since conquering the criticism of Simon Cowell and winning American Idol Season 12?

CG: EVERYTHING has changed, I am definitely a lot busier now.

PPI: Who is your favorite NFL team?

CG: I am from South Carolina where there isn’t an NFL team and I am not really into sports so I have a lot to learn.

PPI: No worries, just stick with PPI, we’ll teach you the ropes. Before we let you go, whats next for you, I know that your debut album will be out soon.

CG: My debut album, ‘Music Speaks’ debuts February 18th and it’s something that music lovers will love.

The Super Bowl Gospel Celebration was held in New York City on January 31st, but you have the opportunity to view all the amazing performances, to find out when it will air in your area, Click here



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