What to Expect From Darren Sproles in Philly

The Philadelphia Eagles have been busy this off-season.  From free agent signings, to trades, to letting players go and even in the rumor circles.  With all the talk in Philly being placed specifically on DeSean Jackson, their trade with the New Orleans Saints seems to have been forgotten.  Darren Sproles joining one of the top 2 running backs in the league in LeSean McCoy needs to be talked about.

Sproles-BreesIt’s understandable why everyone has been so focused on Jackson’s future with the team, but I think Sproles had a part in that.  First off, don’t confuse that last sentence with me saying that Sproles will take Jackson’s role as a top wide receiver or anything like that.  But, you have to be honest, especially having some sort of knowledge of Chip Kelly and how he likes to run his offenses.  Fast paced, non-stop action is Chip’s thing, and Sproles fits that perfectly.

With Jackson out of town, you can expect Sproles to play a big part in the Eagles offense this season.  I expect him to have around 6-10 touches a game on offense.  He’ll get some rushing attempts, but Bryce Brown will do most of the spelling for McCoy.  Sproles will be more utilized in the passing game.  Screen passes, coming out the backfield in motion and even some slot receiver.  He brings tons of quickness, even at the notable age of 30, which is the “age of decline for running backs,” many say.  I doubt he slows down though.

Sproles will also have a role on special teams where he may return some punts and kickoffs on occasions.

But for me, one of the most valuable things that he will bring to the Eagles will be his knowledge.  He can give McCoy some pointers after playing with one of the best running backs in LaDainian Tomlinson.  He can also give Nick Foles some advice after playing with a great quarterback in Drew Brees.  He’s been around two future Hall of Fame players, who played the same positions that two of the Eagles best players play.

There is no telling what Chip has in store for Sproles or the Eagles offense, but after a surprise showing last year, I’m excited to find out!

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