EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW With Mr. Magic: Basketball Hall of Famer Pat Williams

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Basketball Hall of Famer Pat Williams is a dignified personality with credentials that are avoirdupois in executive stature at an elite level in sport and business. Among those distinguished NBA references whose organizations and names would ravish the senses are the Chicago Bulls, Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76’rs (Including the 1983 Championship), the Orlando Magic, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neil, Darryl Dawkins, “Pistol Pete” Maravich, Julius Erving, Moses Malone and many others.

He reached the finals in 1995 and 2009 cavaliering the Magic as Vice president and co-founder for the blue thunder crescendoing the excitement and applause from the city of Orlando and beyond. The effect of his commandment is a reverberating order for loyalty and promise to the fans.

Mr. Williams is not only a Hall of Fame athlete and businessman but he is also a Hall of Fame Father. As a parent of 19 children, 14 were adoptions from as many as four nations. His legendary name continues to expand at the rate of 12 grandchildren with twins on deck.

He is also a cancer survivor and a message to be heard as an example for strength and determination and holds board level positions for different groups and research foundations. As the wide-world of sport and business continues to roll keeping life’s highlights and memories alive between fans and friends, Pat Williams represents the sartorial blueprint for success and a membership to a club of distinction.


Here’s Jeffrey Boisineau of ProPlayerInsiders’ exclusive interview with the great Mr. Magic, Pat Wiliams:

PPI:  How did you get started in the business of managing professional sports teams?

PW:  I started as a catcher1958-1962 with the Phillys as a minor leaguer and then for five years as a manager. Then realized I’d be better behind the desk and in 1968 Jack Ramsay of the Sixers (Philadelphia) hired me and then one year later I went to the Chicago Bulls.


PPI: How did you manage 19 children?

PW: Well, put it this way, you have to be very well organized”…It’s been great…at one time I had 16 of them all teenagers…I think the oldest is 43 now…I have 14 grandchildren now too.


PPI: What was Chuck Daly (Detroit Pistons) like?

PW: Chuck was dynamic, extremely well dressed, handsome…well he was head coach at Boston College and then went to Penn (Ivy League)…Billy Cunningham asked Chuck to coach…we paid him $35,000! …Chuck never let us forget that.


PPI: Who in your opinion is the best ever in the NBA?

PW: Michael Jordon. Taking nothing away from Malone, or any of the other greats…LeBron…but if I am building a franchise, Michael Jordon. We’ll have to see in ten years how LeBron looks…but Michael was the all-around guy.


PPI: Who in your opinion is the best ever in MLB?

PW: Babe Ruth. I mean he was an elite left handed pitcher…could have been a 300-400 game winner. But his bat was so lethal they couldn’t take him out of the lineup…I don’t think will ever see a ballplayer like that again.


PPI: What about Johnny Vander Meer?

PW: Here’s my Johnny Vander Meer story. 1968, June…it’s game time and only one umpire shows up…well the mangers, Andy Semenik,  have a meeting on the field and decide they’re going use two players as umpires, so I was at first base against Double-No the first inning…and then the umpires showed up…that was my debut.


PPI: Who in your opinion is the best ever in the NHL?

PW: I’ll have to go back with Gordy Howe, Jean Beliveau…and Boom Boom (Bernie) Geoffrion…he coached  Atlanta (Flames) in 73’-74’…those are my guys.


PPI: Who in your opinion is the best in the NFL?

PW: Peyton Manning! If I’m looking for a Franchise guy…Peyton Manning.


PPI: Pre-game meal…what is it going to be for you, where?

PW: I like to eat at the arena…Press room meal…foods always good, there’s a private room I like to go too…has lots of fresh veggies…you know, I did an interview on my radio show with Al Michaels (Hall-of-Fame announcer). You know he’s never eaten a vegetable? Not even a salad!


PPI: Post-game…?

PW: Oh. I’m going home…I’m only ten minutes away. I read a lot; I’ll have a bowl of cereal and catch up on my reading.


PPI: Motto to live by?

PW: When your greatest passion intersects with your greatest talent…you hit the sweet spot.


PPI: Favorite quote?

PW: George W. Bush from the White House: “I’m the decider, I’ll decide what to do.”


PPI: Favorite funny story in the world of sports?

PW: My son John Thomas playing youth soccer with two left shoes.


PPI: Your workout, I know you a weightlifter?

PW: Well I don’t miss…there are no excuses….like oh, I didn’t have time to go to the club… the gym is connected to the bedroom! I must have eight hours sleep.


PPI: Championship game …you’re down 3, with 9 seconds…what play your calling?

PW: Give the ball to Jordon…make sure he has both feet behind the line…hit Steve Kerr or John Paxson!


PPI: Now the decorum, Shoes

PW: Slip on loafers. No socks! I have them on right now…and my black jogging suit…best day you can have.


PPI: The meal …your cooking… take us through. What are we having?

PW: Lead off with a nice shrimp cocktail. Then we’re going to have grilled salmon with sautéed spinach, unless my wife doesn’t want the smell of fish in her kitchen, then we’ll have chicken piccata…unsweetened ice tea with fresh mint and stevia…finish it off with Tiramisu or key lime pie.


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