EXCLUSIVE Interview Angel Miguel Jimenez: Cigars and Wine for the Battle

The Battle

In the world of golf, there lingers etiquette and passion and the standards of refined eloquence. In Spain and around the world in sports few make the list for exquisite yet casual elegance like Angel Miguel Jimenez. Born in Spain in 1964, the professional golfer is sometimes referred to as ‘The Mechanic” and “The Most Interesting Golfer in the world”. Miguel lives his life under a personal contract with himself. “ I give all my life to golf and golf gives me all my life” he once stated. Since turning professional in 1982, his life is rich and bounding.

An impressive and stately career surrounds Angel with victories around the world including the Hong Kong Open, the BMW International and the Volvo masters. He was also a Vice Captain during the 1997 Ryder Cup for the legendary Spanish golfer Severiano Ballesteros. He qualified as a player for the 1999 event and again in the 2004 Ryder Cup held at Oakland Hills Country Club in Birmingham Michigan. The victory for Europe that year was the largest margin in in the history of the Ryder Cups duel of the countries.

The Cigar

Miguel is also known for luxury and passion. “It is important no, to love what you are doing?” he once articulated in an appropriate and telling term. Among his exclusivities are his cigars. “I love Cuban Cigars” he said. Although still unavailable in the United States, his favorite is the Cohiba Siglo VI. This full bodied elegant cigar with rich smoke and beautiful layers is a perfect accompaniment to his sophistication.

The Shoes

Miguel Jimenez is also known for his stylish soles of comfort. “I always liked proper shoes, leather shoes” Miguel has stated. Fastidious and aristocratically designed for his steps in time, they are handmade near Milan Italy by the artisan Gigi Nebuloni.

In a day that now features rubber sneakers and sandals on the golf course, Miguel maintains an ensemble that articulates his style and gives hope and praise to foot decorum.

The Wine

For Miguel Angel Jimenez wine is an accessory of major importance. His favorite as I understand it to be is Cirsion, Rioja. The is a deep red wine with great structure and compelling to any wine consumer. It is said to be that the vines producing this wine come from four different vineyards and range in age from between 60 and 100 years. The wine should be decanted to enjoy its wonderful acidity, great balance and a vociferous nose. “It is relaxing to enjoy a good wine, a cigar, good food, a whiskey” he once told Cigar Aficionado, “You have to take the time to enjoy them”.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to enjoy the refreshing etiquette, attitude and taste for sophistication that professional golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez displays at the office.

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